Valentine’s Delight: Annabel’s ‘French Kiss’ Cocktail & Matteo’s Romantic Fusion

As the season of love approaches, Annabel’s, the epitome of sophistication and luxury, unveils its enchanting Valentine’s Day offerings.

Dive into an evening of romance with a dedicated cocktail, the ‘French Kiss,’ meticulously curated to elevate your Valentine’s Day experience.

This Cîroc vodka-based libation is a romantic twist on the classic Clover Club, infused with parafante fig liqueur, raspberry, citrus, and a touch of rosewater, culminating in a delightful finish with champagne.

Annabel’s ‘French Kiss’ Cocktail: A Toast to Love

Indulging in the Art of Romance at Annabel’s is an experience like no other, especially with the unveiling of their bespoke Valentine’s Day cocktail – the ‘French Kiss.’

Crafted with precision and passion, this enchanting elixir is a symphony of flavours. The base of Cîroc vodka sets the tone, dancing in perfect harmony with parafante fig liqueur, raspberry, citrus, and a hint of rosewater.

The pièce de résistance is the effervescent finish with champagne, elevating the libation to new heights. This romantic twist on the classic Clover Club is not merely a drink; it’s a declaration of love, served with an extra dash of affection throughout the Valentine’s Day week.

Valentine's Delight: Annabel's 'French Kiss' Cocktail & Matteo's Romantic Fusion

In the intimate surroundings of Annabel’s, where every detail is meticulously curated, patrons are invited to immerse themselves in a culinary love affair. The ‘French Kiss’ cocktail becomes a companion to the artfully designed ambience, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of romance.

Each sip is a journey through the nuances of taste, a celebration of love that transcends the ordinary, setting the stage for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.

Matteo’s Fusion of Northern and Southern Italian Delicacies

Culinary Alchemy for Couples unfolds at Matteo’s, where the fusion of Northern and Southern Italian delicacies takes centre stage.

The menu, carefully curated to ignite passion, offers a tantalizing array of dishes that promise to be a feast for the senses. From the Crispy Oyster & ‘Nduja, an enticing start that awakens the palate, to the sublime Hay Smoked Duck Breast, each dish is a testament to the culinary expertise that Matteo’s is renowned for.

Valentine's Delight: Annabel's 'French Kiss' Cocktail & Matteo's Romantic Fusion

The culinary journey reaches its crescendo with a delectable shared dessert, a sweet conclusion to an evening filled with culinary delights.

What sets Matteo’s apart is not just the gastronomic excellence but the commitment to creating an intimate and immersive dining experience. The ambience, infused with warmth and sophistication, provides the perfect backdrop for couples to connect and savour each moment.

The exclusive Valentine’s cocktail, carefully paired with the menu, becomes a catalyst for shared joy, creating a memory that lingers long after the last bite.

George’s Intimate Valentine’s Atmosphere

Elevating Romance Through Exquisite Dining is the ethos at George’s, where an intimate atmosphere meets culinary brilliance. The Love Affair cocktail, a masterpiece concoction of Cîroc, Bitter Bianco, and 1757 Secco, is a prelude to an indulgent Valentine’s menu that promises to tantalize the taste buds.

Valentine's Delight: Annabel's 'French Kiss' Cocktail & Matteo's Romantic Fusion

The culinary offerings, including the Spicy Tuna Tartare with Oscietra Caviar, the Trio of Poached Gillardeau Oysters, and the captivating Whole Salt-Baked Sea Bass for two, are a testament to George’s commitment to culinary excellence.

The experience at George’s extends beyond the gastronomic delights; it’s a holistic celebration of love and togetherness. The Vanilla CreÌme Brûleìe, with its delicate balance of sweetness enhanced with blood orange and rhubarb, becomes a poetic conclusion to the culinary journey.

The Hound Bar bathed in the glow of live music, beckons couples to extend the celebration with a post-dinner nightcap, creating an ambience where every moment is cherished.

A Week-Long Affair: Valentine’s Cocktails for Lunch and Dinner

Extend the celebration throughout the week with Valentine’s Cocktails, available for both lunch and dinner. The enchanting libations crafted by expert mixologists promise to elevate the romantic atmosphere, ensuring that every moment spent in these distinguished establishments becomes a cherished memory.

Valentine's Delight: Annabel's 'French Kiss' Cocktail & Matteo's Romantic Fusion

The fusion of delectable cuisine, bespoke cocktails, and intimate atmospheres at Annabel’s, Matteo’s, and George’s transcends mere dining – it’s a culinary love affair that promises to linger in the hearts of patrons for years to come.

As the week unfolds, each day becomes a chapter in a love story written with flavours, creating a tapestry of memories that define the essence of Valentine’s Day at these esteemed establishments.

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