Are There Warm-Ups You Should Do Before Your Poker Game?

Should you be warming up before playing a game of poker? Choosing to eliminate distractions and set goals for the sessions can be a smart move.

Many people consider poker to be more of a sport than other types of games out there. With this in mind, is there some way in which you can warm up before a big game? Athletes and other sportspersons take the time to ensure that they are fully warmed up before they head out to compete. Poker enthusiasts should look to do the same.

Eliminate Distractions

Are There Warm-Ups You Should Do Before Your Poker Game?

If this is a major poker game ahead of you, you should think about some of the things that you can do to relax and get your head in the right space before you start to play. There are several simple ones that you should take care of. Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before, and make sure that you eat something to eliminate hunger before you play.

These might not be what we typically think of when we consider a warm-up, but it is a vital part of the process of preparing for a big game. If you are sitting at the table with a rumbling stomach, you are going to be thinking about that rather than the game. Cooking and preparing a meal could even form a key part of your warm-up routine as an almost meditative exercise to help put you in the right mindset for the game.

Test A Few Poker Strategies

Are There Warm-Ups You Should Do Before Your Poker Game?

What strategy are you going to use for your new poker game? If it is a new one that you are not too confident with just yet, you might decide to play a few test games first to ensure that you have a full handle on it. Hopping on a site like GGpoker Canada and playing a few hands will help you to determine whether or not this is the right strategy for you.

You can never predict what is going to happen in a game of poker. Though you might have a clear idea as to how you would like to play when you first sit down at the table, seeing your opponents work might mean that you have to change your own playstyle at the last minute.

Going over your preferred strategies and ensuring that you know them inside and out is a key warm-up exercise that can only benefit you when you get to the table – regardless of whether it is a virtual or real one.

Set Goals For The Session

Are There Warm-Ups You Should Do Before Your Poker Game?

You need to make sure that you set reasonable goals for the session. This means that you should hopefully be able to work on your game without worrying about the overall outcome too much. Aiming to win and take home the prize pot, or maybe even a bigger prize like a WSOP circuit ring or bracelet, can be terrific goals to aim for, but you also have to be prepared for disappointment if you fall short.

Try to pick a few smaller goals that you will definitely be able to fulfill regardless of the outcome of the game. In doing so, you will be able to give yourself a sense of achievement and work on your poker game within the wider context of your own goals as a player.

It is never a good idea to sit down and just start playing poker. You need to make sure that you have a good pre-game routine in place, especially if playing for a jackpot or wider title.

Are There Warm-Ups You Should Do Before Your Poker Game?

All the pros have a warm-up routine that they try, so there is no reason why you cannot develop one for yourself too! Have a think about how you can best clear your mind now.