Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

Wayfairer Travel recently unveiled its latest initiative: the ‘Eco Gold by Wayfairer’ certification.

This groundbreaking programme signifies a bold step towards empowering travellers to make eco-conscious choices while embarking on their adventures.

Founded in 2015 Wayfairer Travel has established itself in the luxury travel market, known for its expertly crafted itineraries for the discerning traveller looking for real experiences.

With a team of Luxury Travel Specialists with over 25 years of industry experience, we are committed to responsible travel.

Empowering Responsible Travel

The introduction of ‘Eco Gold by Wayfairer’ comes at a pivotal moment in the travel industry, where the demand for eco-friendly options is on the rise. This certification aims to navigate the complex terrain of responsible travel, offering clarity and transparency to travellers seeking to minimise their environmental footprint.

CEO Jason Stevens underscores the significance of this initiative, stating, “Eco-friendly tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global travel industry, but it’s also one of the most confusing spaces for consumers, with growing curiosity and ambiguity around what constitutes responsible travel.”

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

Building upon the success of its ‘Eco by Wayfairer’ category, the ‘Eco Gold by Wayfairer’ certification sets rigorous standards for accommodation partners. These standards revolve around three core pillars: Management and Efficiency, Conservation and Preservation, and Community and Social Impact.

To attain ‘Eco Gold’ status, properties must showcase exemplary practices in each of these areas, demonstrating a holistic commitment to sustainability.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Promoting Conservation

Central to the ‘Eco Gold by Wayfairer’ certification is the emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and championing conservation initiatives.

Properties are required to implement eco-friendly waste reduction strategies, recycling programmes, and proactive water conservation measures. Moreover, they must spearhead community engagement projects aimed at preserving local ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

By selecting accommodations endorsed with the ‘Eco Gold by Wayfairer’ certification, travellers can embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing that they are supporting sustainable tourism practices.

Beyond environmental considerations, these properties also excel in providing a luxurious experience, from impeccable hospitality to curated culinary delights and unique activities.

‘Eco Gold by Wayfairer’ empowers travellers to align their values with their travel choices, fostering a deeper connection with the destinations they visit. It represents a paradigm shift in the travel industry, where sustainability and luxury converge to redefine the notion of responsible travel.

By opting for ‘Eco Gold’ certified properties, travellers become ambassadors for positive change, contributing to the preservation of our planet while indulging in unparalleled luxury.

Exploring the Pinnacle of Sustainable Luxury Travel

Cottar’s Camp, Masai Mara

Cottar’s Camp in the Masai Mara is a gem from the 1920s, accommodating up to 12 guests and offering a nostalgic journey back in time, where authentic vintage charm intertwines with modern eco-friendly practices.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

This family-run legacy is one of the first registered safari companies in Kenya, situated in the private 7608-acre Olderski Conservancy. Guests can enjoy family safaris and accommodations with private plunge pools, engaging in activities like hot air balloon adventures over the Masai Mara, professional photography sessions with Georgina Goodwin, and private candlelit bush dinners.

Notably, Cottar’s Camp is one of only 12 properties globally to receive the prestigious Global Eco-Sphere Award.

Ngare Serian Camp, Masai Mara

Nestled on the banks of the Mara River within Kenya’s Mara North Conservancy, Ngare Serian Camp offers a unique retreat accessible solely by a rope bridge.

The camp features four luxurious tents that utilise solar power and natural materials, providing unobstructed views of the Mara River where hippos are frequently spotted. Designed by Alex Walker, who boasts over 30 years of experience in Kenyan safaris, the camp offers mystical night excursions and nocturnal safari adventures.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

The off-grid feel is enhanced by the absence of Wi-Fi throughout the lodge, promoting a true digital detox. Ngare Serian Camp operates on 100% solar energy and sustainable waste management systems, and is a proud member of the non-profit ‘Conservancy Guardians’, supporting community-driven conservation efforts across East Africa.

Serian ‘The Original’, Masai Mara

Serian ‘The Original’ excels in sustainable tourism, offering five handcrafted tents adorned with rich, earth-toned fabrics and materials sourced from local artisans.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

Located in the Mara North Conservancy on a 1,500-acre reserve, this camp is known for its tranquillity. Guests spend their days on safaris and evenings at fireside gatherings under a starlit sky. The camp is powered entirely by solar energy and maintains an off-grid atmosphere with no Wi-Fi throughout the lodge.

Serian employs 85% of its staff from the surrounding areas and sources organic produce from their on-site “shamba” to create delicious local dishes crafted by a dynamic culinary team.

Ol Donyo Lodge, Chyulu Hills

Situated on 275,000 acres of private wilderness, Ol Donyo Lodge hosts just 16 guests at a time, offering suites and villas with private plunge pools. Safari experiences here can be enjoyed by vehicle, on foot, horseback, or mountain bike.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

The lodge boasts an on-site wine cellar, in-room spa experiences, and international dining options. As a key member of the Great Plains Group consortium, Ol Donyo is dedicated to preserving the region’s biodiversity and supporting the local Masai community.

Each guest’s stay contributes to significant initiatives like Rhinos Without Borders. The lodge is powered by 100% solar energy, utilises bio-digesters for methane gas, and incorporates recycled hardwood in its construction.

Saruni Samburu, Masai Mara

Saruni Samburu is strategically located in a pivotal migratory corridor for wildlife, blending modern luxury with traditional Kenyan flair and a commitment to sustainability that surpasses industry standards.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

Guests can enjoy infinity pools, wellness treatments paired with Italian cuisine, private dining, and scenic picnics. Activities include safari excursions, helicopter rides, and “warrior” courses.

Environmental stewardship is paramount, with solar panels, waste recycling, and water conservation initiatives effectively reducing carbon emissions.

Borana Lodge, Borana Wildlife Conservancy

Borana Lodge offers unmatched exclusivity with eight cottages featuring modern African design and breathtaking views of untouched wilderness, promising a regenerative safari experience.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

Guests can partake in waterfall visits, on-foot rhino trekking, horseback riding, and quad biking tours alongside a variety of safari options. The lodge caters to families with child-friendly activities and experiences and boasts the Horizon swimming pool and Safari Spa using organic ingredients.

As a proud member of The Long Run sustainable travel movement, Borana Lodge was awarded the prestigious Global Eco-Sphere Retreat Award in 2022.

Naboisho Camp, Masai Mara

Asilia Naboisho Camp provides both comfort and privacy with nine stylish safari tents, honouring a holistic commitment to sustainable luxury.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

The camp’s sleek modern design meets stripped-back luxury, offering expertly guided safari experiences, fly camping beneath the stars, and sustainable gourmet dining experiences. Limited visitor numbers enhance the privacy and exclusivity of the safari experience.

Engagement with the Maasai community offers insights into local traditions and the importance of conservation efforts in maintaining the region’s delicate ecological balance.

Ol Lentille, Laikipia

At Ol Lentille in Laikipia, the ideals of luxury and ecological responsibility harmonise, offering four private, individually serviced houses off the beaten track. Owned by the local community, the benefits of tourism directly support the landowners.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

Adventure activities include camel trekking and visits to the world’s only habituated baboon colony. The property features an infinity pool, a state-of-the-art spa with professional masseuses, and romantic rooftop dinners.

Ol Lentille has invested $5 million over 15 years into community development initiatives, resulting in the protection of 40,000 acres of land, the construction of 12 schools, and a level 4 hospital. Employment and training opportunities at the lodge further empower local residents, including 24 park rangers, notably two female members.

Lengishu, Laikipia

Lengishu in the Borana Conservancy is a paragon of eco-friendly luxury safari living, hosting a maximum of 12 guests across one of only four properties on the conservancy.

Wayfairer Travel Launches Eco Gold Certification

This critical habitat for endangered species offers scenic tours on the Ndare Ngare River, rhino trekking, and on-site massages. Sustainable dining champions traditional recipes, and the conservancy’s steadfast commitment to the ecosystem, wildlife, and local communities guides every aspect of design, construction, and management.

Lengishu is a member of the sustainable travel movement “The Long Run”.


Wayfairer’s Eco Gold properties exemplify the pinnacle of sustainable luxury travel, where eco-friendly practices and opulent experiences coexist harmoniously.

Each property not only offers unique and enriching experiences but also contributes significantly to conservation efforts and community development.

These lodges and camps stand as beacons of responsible tourism, setting a high standard for eco-conscious travellers seeking both adventure and sustainability.

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