Ways Of Planning A Romantic Getaway This Valentine

Remember when Cupid hit you? That little mischievous arrow carrier aimed and shot the arrow straight through your heart! You fell head over heels in love. And since that day, you have never been able to get enough of each other.

All those stolen kisses, late-night conversations, romantic dates – it’s as though nothing can come between you two!

Ways Of Planning A Romantic Getaway This Valentine

We guess you have already exhausted your ideas of the ‘perfect’ gift for your baby boo. If you are anything like us, the pressure is to find something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day.

Why not ditch the clichéd gifts and plan a romantic getaway instead this year?

There are many options for planning your ideal vacation, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas that we hope will make Cupid proud!

First Things First!

Ways Of Planning A Romantic Getaway This Valentine

This, dear friend, is a warning! Do not, under any circumstances, utter the words “romantic getaway” out of your head!

Unless, of course, you are prepared to work your butt off in an attempt to add the extra passion in everything you do!

By everything, we mean EVERYTHING! The planning, the booking, the locations, the outfits, and especially in bed (duh!).

You don’t want to spend your weekend wondering if you’d match romance standards by taking a long walk on a beach under the star-studded sky.

Nay! You want to surprise your loved ones with something different, something new, and something that will make them feel on top of the world.

Ways Of Planning A Romantic Getaway This Valentine

1.    Five Bonus Points For Getting The Location Right!

If you’re looking for someplace secluded and private, we suggest checking out romantic downtown Gatlinburg cabins; it will win you brownie points.

If you’re looking to wine and dine with your partner, the options are limitless, but we recommend someplace overlooking the water for that postcard-worthy view.

Consider an adventurous hike to a secret waterfall if your partner loves the great outdoors.

And if you’re still scratching your head wondering what to do, you can try panning an action-packed getaway. There are plenty of places with activities available – like beaches or ski resorts.

No matter what kind of mood you and your sweetie are in, we’ve got the perfect spot picked out for you. Just book early as these places tend to fill up fast!

2.    Spa, Cinnamon Spice, And Everything Nice

Ways Of Planning A Romantic Getaway This Valentine

There’s nothing better than pampering your loved one with a relaxing spa treatment. It’ll give you two some much-needed time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

And what could be more romantic than that? You can also try out different massages such as hot stone, aromatherapy, and Swedish.

Hotels, inns, and resorts offer year-round packages, but the Valentine’s Day specials are appealing. When you sweeten the deal with chocolates, candles, bath salts, brownies and flowers, keep an eye out for offers that provide discounts to local companies and restaurants.

You might be able to add a spa treat or an aromatherapy session at a deal too!

3.    Plan Activities Other Than Staying In Bed

We understand the desire to cuddle under the sheets and never leave the room, but sometimes you have to get out and explore.

If your partner is up for it, there are many outdoor activities to select from to make your heart race without breaking the bank.

From skiing and snowboarding in colder climates to hiking and biking in warmer ones, finding something new to do together can keep things exciting.

Look for activities to do in the area. Will you be able to go for long walks on the beach, or will it be snowy and cold? What about snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, shopping trips into town?

Ways Of Planning A Romantic Getaway This Valentine

Locating an activity that both of you like can make a difference when planning your getaway trip. As much fun as spending time alone together may sound, it’s always best to have something else planned just in case one partner gets bored with watching TV shows all day long!

4.    Plan Meals Ahead

The way to anyone’s heart goes through food. Planning meals ahead can help you get on each other’s good side. When planning meals, it would be best to think of some unique or special dishes that your partner will love and then plan the meal around those foods.

Meals are such a massive part of any trip, so why not take time to make them extra special this Valentine’s.

Make reservations at a romantic local restaurant or find out if any special events are happening nearby during your stay. If cooking from scratch is more your style, consider making a menu and shopping list before time so that when you arrive at the location, everything is ready to go!

5.    Throw In A Surprise Element

There is nothing like too many Valentine’s surprises. If there is something your partner has been requesting you to do for them, but you were too shy to be a sport, now is the right time!

Write a song and practice! Now, go on your knees again and sing it for her while the crowd cheers for your love! You will make history, and this is something she will never forget.

You can also learn some salsa moves and pull her onto the dance floor for a passionate session, or if you are feeling extra energetic, book a room with a Jacuzzi and some seductive oils!

The best thing about surprises is that they do not have to be expensive; it could be as simple as cooking her favorite meal or buying her favorite flowers. Just make sure whatever you choose to do is something she will enjoy and has never experienced before.

6.    Pictures Are More Important Than You Think

To avoid a grumpy girlfriend, always make sure you have your camera charged and ready to go on your romantic getaway.

We suggest brushing up those photography skills a little too! Her Insta-fam must be curious to see about the trip she’s been bragging about for weeks now.

Tips From Cupid’s Assistant

We know you’re going to try and make the best of your moments, but remember a few of these:

  • She loves receiving compliments, regardless of however long you two have been together. So please don’t be shy to compliment her on how she looks every time she puts on a new dress.
  • She loves PDA moments, so don’t be shy to hold her hand and kiss her in public. She feels great about it!
  • She is still a softie at heart, so maybe get a small gift like a teddy bear or any other little trinket.

So it’s time to pack the bags and head out there you go. Remember, you’re doing this for your happiness, so make the best of it! P.s. Don’t forget to keep all the ‘essentials,’ okay? Yes, of course, we were talking about outfits *wink*.

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