Ways You Can Bet On NFL

How To Interpret NFL Bets

Odds have been used to demonstrate how probable every bookie believes some certain outcome is to occur when it arrives at wagering. These probabilities are frequently expressed as a number preceded by a minus or plus sign.

  • With each increase in the amount next to a negative (-) symbol, there’s a greater likelihood of an event occurring.
  • There is a direct correlation between the size of the positive (+) symbol beside the event and how unlikely it is that it would take place.

A negative (-) symbol next to the probability informs you how much cash you’ll need to bet to produce $100.

  • Your equity of $125 (+ your $100 victory) would give you a return of $225 if you wager on the Los Angeles Rams to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals at -125 odds, for instance.

A plus (+) symbol next to the probability indicates how much cash you can expect to win for every $100 wagered.

  • To put this in context, $100 wager on the Jacksonville Jaguars would give you a return of $250 profit and your initial $100 stake back, with a total return for this wager totaling $350 if they defeat the New Orleans Saints at +250.

Unless specified, rewards always include a return of your original wager in addition to the prize money itself.

Ways You Can Bet On NFL

An Explanation On How To Bet On The NFL

In terms of NFL wagering, there are a lot of options, but we recognize that it could be hard to figure out precisely what these markets imply, so we’ve gone through a few of the most famous examples and clarified them below.

Before getting into that, it is good to know that there is an nfl betting apps directory that includes in-depth information about many different kinds of betting apps that allow you to place a bet on the NFL. It is a great place for newcomers to start and able to find the best app that suits their needs.

Moneyline Odds For The NFL

Whenever it relates to wagering on NFL matches, the money line market is among the simplest to grasp. Basically, you’re putting your money on whichever team you believe will win the game.

It makes no difference how many points a team scores or who scores them; you’re easily putting a wager on the team you believe will win. An example of a wager here on market would look such as this:

TeamMoneyline Odds
Carolina Panthers+100
New Orleans Saints-120

One of the simplest markets to grasp is the Moneyline, which only has two markets from which to choose.

The NFL Spread Market

Ways You Can Bet On NFL

If you’re wagering on the NFL, spread wagering is a method of ensuring that the probability is evened out both for the underdog and the favorite.

Under the terms of a spread wager, the underdog receives the same amount of points as a “head start”, and the favorite receives a handicap in the form of points.

Because of this, in order for your selection to be victorious, you must have your favorite beat the underdog by a margin greater than their own handicap, which may be smaller or larger based on the probability of the favorite’s victory in the game.

For an underdog to be victorious, they must end up losing by a smaller amount than the advantage they had been given in the wagering process. Your wager will be a victor if they end up losing by fewer points than this lead or win that game.

The NFL Over/Under & Totals Markets

You can bet if a game’s total points scored can go over or under a predefined line that has been set by your betting site.

If you’re wagering on an NFL match with a total score of over 51.5 points, the merged results from both teams must be greater than 51.

The NFL Prop Markets

Ways You Can Bet On NFL

Player Prop Trading In The NFL

To put it another way, player props are wagers located on markets that are directly relevant to the statistics put up by a player throughout a game.

A famous way of wagering amongst gamblers, player prop wagers allow you to place a wager on just one player, rather than placing a wager on a team or the overall outcome of the match.

You can wager on a wide range of markets for player wagers, including the following examples:

  • Total Number of Yards Passed Per Game
  • Players’ Rushing Total yards
  • Total Number of Scores Counted Passes Completed
  • Total Number of Tackles Made

NFL Game Prop Bets

Prop wagers on players and games are both common forms of prop gambling.

There are no guarantees that your wager will have any bearing on the final score or the total number of points managed to score, for example, when you place a game prop wager.

In terms of wagering cash on NFL matches, there seem to be a wide variety of game wagers to choose from:

  • Will the game go to overtime?
  • The Total Number of First Half Points to be Scored
  • The Total Number of Second Half Points to be Scored
  • Which Team Will Have the Most Touchdowns?
  • Which Team Will Win the Coin Toss?
  • Which Team Will Score First/Last?

Betting On NFL Parlays

To put it easier, parlay wagers are bets that include multiple picks from different NFL matches, or multiple picks from the same match if the betting website allows it.

The following is an illustration of a parlay bet on the NFL:

Parlay BetOdds
Buccs, Chiefs, and Saints all to win+350

This parlay wager will only be victorious if the Bucs, Chiefs, and Saints all won their respective games. Even if one of the above teams lost, and the other two won, your bet would lose because all three teams would have to be victorious for your bet to work.

The more challenging it is to win a parlay wager, the greater the probability because numerous outcomes will have to go in your favor.

For the forthcoming NFL season, some betting sites will offer pre-selected parlay bets, in which the picks for these wagers are already made upon you by the betting site.

If you want to make your own parlay wagers, you can do so at some sportsbooks, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of options.

Live/In-Play NFL Betting

Ways You Can Bet On NFL

To put it simply, in-play wagering refers to a wager on an NFL game while the game is in progress.

This is a great way to wager on NFL matches because it offers you the opportunity to see how the match is progressing before placing any bets.

An example could be that since Philadelphia is up by 12 points at the half and the Falcons are -180 to come out on top, you can wager on Atlanta to win at odds greater than those provided prior to the game if you are still optimistic in Atlanta’s overall victory.

Additionally, there are a number of in-play markets that you can wager on, including which team will score next or how many points a certain team reached.

The NFL Futures Markets

Futures markets allow you to speculate on NFL games that will take place in the distant future, from the midterms to the long term.

If you have an idea about a player to a team, you can put a future bet on that player or team early and then concentrate on other markets while your wager is in the works.

Whenever it relates to the NFL, futures wagering seems to be a very famous form of wagering, with the following markets being some of the most popular:

  • Who Will Reach the Final
  • Team with the Most Regular Season Wins
  • Who Will be Named MV
  • To Win Super Bowl LVI
  • Winning Conference
  • Division of Winning Team
  • State of Winning Team
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