What Material Should My Bra Be Made Out Of?

There are so many bra options out there made of a variety of different materials. How is a woman to know which type of material is best? Does it really matter what material a bra is made out of?

Our answer is yes, the fabric of your bra does matter and there are tons of excellent, high-quality products to choose from. Here are some great performing materials to look for in your next bra purchase.

No-Itch Lace

If you’re looking for a sexy bra design but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or quality, we’ve got the answer. We love the itch-free, durable and anti-pilling lace material of bras you can buy from lingerie stores online.

What Material Should My Bra Be Made Out Of?

A lace bra that’s actually comfortable to wear? Yes, you read that right. The smooth fabric of a speciality lace bra lays flat and gives you the best of both worlds — sexy with a comfort that’s truly next level.

No more saving your lace bra for a special occasion or worrying about what to wear it with. You’ll want to wear this revolutionary lace fabric every day. Plus, anti-pilling means your bra will last through regular wear and washes, too. Sounds like the bra of our dreams!


Also called polyamide, nylon is a strong and lightweight fabric that has waterproof qualities. It is a great material choice for undergarments that won’t irritate your skin as it rubs against you throughout the day.

You may hear nylon and think of sports apparel, but the smoothest and most comfortable bras use this type of fabric as well. The moisture-wicking ability of nylon helps you stay dry from sweat as you go about your daily activities.

Nylon is also known for being stretchy, but not too thick or heavy. These factors are even more reasons why we love to see it in the material of our bra choices. Next time you’re shopping for a comfortable new bra, check the label for polyamide.


Known as spandex or lycra, elastane gives your bra the necessary stretch you need for the perfect fit. Elasticity is a key component for women looking to feel good in a high-quality bra.

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, hormone changes can lead to swelling of the breasts. So if your bra feels a little tighter or uncomfortable during some days of the month, you may need to check the label of your bra and opt for one made with elastane fabric.

When used in combination with nylon, elastane or spandex makes a great addition to an already moisture-wicking, stretchable undergarment. Think of nylon and spandex as the dynamic duo of bra materials.

What Material Should My Bra Be Made Out Of?


Soft cotton is sometimes used for the interior lining material of bras. We love the natural fabric choice, especially when it’s used in combination with stretchier, synthetic materials like spandex and nylon. It’s the perfect combination of fabric ingredients for a comfortable, everyday bra style.

And there you have it. As far as material choices for bras go, the above options are the main players that you should look for next time you’re shopping for a daily bra. A revolutionary type of lace in addition to nylon, spandex and sometimes cotton for inner linings can all provide the support, comfort and sexiness you need.

So then, what about sports bras? The moisture-wicking properties of polyamide (nylon) and the stretch of elastane (spandex) are also the materials you want to see in a durable sports bra.

In addition to those fabrics, there are also some specific features of a sports bra design that we enjoy. Here’s what to look for.

  • Seamless — A sports bra with a seamless design makes for an itch-free product that provides the pinnacle of comfort during a workout.

Without seams, this type of sports bra is super stretchy and lays completely flat underneath your clothes. The last thing you want to do is be bothered by irritating seams or threads during your jog or spin class.

  • Reversible — Reversibility is a helpful functionality of a sports bra that gives you more bang for your buck. It’s like having two bras in one, which means more outfit options to choose from.

Try one with a fun pattern on one side and a neutral colour on the other. One side for the days you’re feeling like adding a touch of personality to your look and the other for when you need it to match a pattern on your leggings. Reversible designs are a creative way to consume less while having more ways to wear your favourite sports bra.

What Material Should My Bra Be Made Out Of?

In summary, the material of your bra can have a big impact on the level of comfort you feel, as well as the durability of the product. It’s important to have the elasticity needed to fit your body throughout the month as your breasts swell.

It’s also helpful to remember moisture-wicking is needed not just in your sports bras, but also in your everyday undergarments for ultimate comfort. Next time you’re bra shopping, be sure to choose smooth lace that lays flat, light material such as nylon and a stretchy fabric like spandex. Then, you’ll have everything you need to wear it and forget it while looking great underneath your clothes.

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