What Mistakes To Avoid After A Truck Accident?

Getting involved in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault can be frustrating. And while being angry and wanting to “settle with the other driver” on the spot may seem like a good idea, it might land you in troubled waters with police complaints or, worse, a trial. You don’t want that. To help you think straight in a truck accident, we have compiled a list of various mistakes to avoid. 

What Mistakes To Avoid After A Truck Accident?

Not Calling The Cops

You must never commit this cardinal sin after being involved in a road accident. Many people think the police will only get involved if significant damage or injury occurs. That’s not true. The law requires you to stop your vehicle and exchange information with the other driver, regardless of who was at fault. Failing to do so may result in a fine or, in some states, jail time. So, even if the other driver is nice and cooperative, make sure to call the cops.

Admitting Fault

Do not discuss the fault with the other driver, police officers, or your insurance company. The reason is simple – anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. So, it’s best to remain tight-lipped about who was at fault and let the authorities figure it out. Many people who admit fault later find out they were not responsible for the accident.

What Mistakes To Avoid After A Truck Accident?

Refusing Medical Treatment

You may think that since you don’t feel hurt, there’s no need to go to the hospital. However, many injuries, such as whiplash or concussion, may not be present immediately. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and getting a check-up from a doctor is the best way to ensure that you are alright.

Not Seeking Legal Help

It’s advisable to hire truck accident lawyers to help you with your case. Truck accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve, including medical bills and lost wages. They also know how to navigate the legal system, which is especially important if you have never been involved in an accident.

Not Getting The Other Driver’s Information

Ensure the other driver’s name, contact information, insurance company, and policy number. This will come in handy later when filing a claim with your insurance company.

Here are some tips to safeguard this information:

  • Take notes in multiple places: These can be a notepad on your smartphone and the police report.
  • Write down everything you remember: This includes the other driver’s name, address, phone number, email, license plate number, and make and model of the car.
  • Do not rely on your memory: Our brains tend to play tricks on us when we are under stress. Getting the information in writing will help avoid any confusion later.
What Mistakes To Avoid After A Truck Accident?

Not Taking Photos

If you can, take pictures of the accident scene before anything is moved. This will help document the position of the vehicles and any debris that may have resulted from the accident. If there are skid marks on the road, take pictures of those too. It would also be helpful to take pictures of any injuries you or your passengers may have sustained.

Not Calling Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and give them a detailed accident report as soon as possible. Do not wait for the other driver’s insurance company to contact you; this may take days or weeks. Many insurance companies have time limits on when you can file a claim, so it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

Not Getting A Police Report

A police report is an important document to help file an insurance claim. It will contain information such as the names and contact information of the involved parties, insurance information, a description of the truck accident, and the officer’s assessment of who was at fault.

What Mistakes To Avoid After A Truck Accident?

Final Word

We hope this article has helped educate you about what to do (and not do) after a truck accident. Remember, the most important thing is to remain calm and call the authorities. Do not admit fault, and be sure to document everything. Following these tips will help ensure you deal with the process as smoothly as possible.

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