What To Do After A Commercial Truck Accident By An Unqualified Truck Driver

Trucking companies are required by law to screen their drivers carefully. When a truck driver is unqualified, they may not be able to operate a truck safely. One of the common reasons for truck accidents is unqualified drivers. When someone is injured because of one of these drivers, the victim has the right to pursue fair compensation for their injuries. Knowing the steps to take directly after the truck accident is essential. 

Truck Accidents Are Sometimes Deadly

When a truck collides with a much smaller vehicle, the smaller vehicle suffers great amounts of damage. Often, there are significant injuries. When fatalities occur as a result of an unqualified truck driver, injured victims need to seek compensation for a wrongful death claim because of their commercial truck accident

What To Do After A Commercial Truck Accident By An Unqualified Truck Driver

Commercial Truck Drivers Must Practice Safety At All Times

The reason commercial truck drivers must be so highly trained in the level of safety measures they must put in place each time they get behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler. The following are some of the safety training areas for CDL drivers. 


CDL drivers must be trained on the braking system of big rigs or they could cause serious accidents that prove deadly. The pneumatic brake system of a large truck operates much differently than traditional drum brakes. Knowing how these brakes operate will allow a truck driver to safely drive eighteen-wheelers. 

Truck Configurations

Driving a large eighteen-wheeler is much more difficult than other vehicles. There are many controls on a large truck that are not in the average car or small passenger truck. There are three classes of CDL licenses. Truck drivers must be properly trained to drive the trucks of their employers. 


Truck drivers must also learn how to manage their cargo properly. Knowing how to secure a large load and being aware of the weight limits of each type of commercial truck is essential. Overloaded trucks can cause massive casualties in a large multi-car pileup. 

What To Do After A Commercial Truck Accident By An Unqualified Truck Driver

What Are the Federal Requirements for Truck Drivers?

Federal requirements are in place for all truck drivers. Individuals need to be aware of the federal requirements so they can take appropriate action. The following are some of the requirements at the federal level. 

  • Truck drivers must pass the U.S. Department of Transportation physical. This physical screens truck drivers for health issues that could prevent them from driving a truck safely. 
  • Periodic testing is required for drugs and alcohol to ensure a truck driver is not under the influence. Drivers must complete their training on the symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Companies must limit driver hours because driving while sleepy becomes just as dangerous as driving while under the influence. 
What To Do After A Commercial Truck Accident By An Unqualified Truck Driver

Schedule An Attorney Consultation

Injured victims need to be aware of their rights and protect them. Seeking help from a truck driver accident attorney is wise. Meeting with an attorney will allow a person to learn about the rights they hold and the legal options that are available to them. 

With help from an attorney, injured truck accident victims will have a voice of advocacy working for them. The attorney will begin to pursue the truck driver, their insurance company, and any other responsible parties in the accident.  If negotiations fall through with the insurance company, the injured party has the right to pursue compensation via a lawsuit.

Having an attorney working on their case is essential when it comes to pursuing a truck accident claim in court.