When Do You Need LG Washing Machine Repair?

LG automatic washing machines can be called the golden mean in terms of price and quality. That is why washing machines from this famous South Korean manufacturer are very popular around the world. According to statistics, these appliances can work for at least five years without a single breakdown. They differ in reliability and functionality. Their design contains both complex components and mechanisms, as well as simple parts that can be easily replaced.

When Do You Need LG Washing Machine Repair?

Experts recommend not to delay contacting the service center in case of malfunctions. So, it will be possible to determine the breakdown on time. If you are looking for a washing machine repair in Toronto or just the best service near me, you can follow the link and contact experienced professionals. But the question is when you really need to repair your LG washing machine. Let’s review the most frequent malfunctions.

Common LG Washing Machine Failures

Despite the high quality of parts and modern technological solutions, these appliances can also break down for various reasons. However, people rarely turn to service centers for their repair. This is because only original Italian-made parts are installed in them that comply with all international standards.

Spare elements are characterized by maximum power ratings, so that the actual service life, with proper use, can significantly exceed what was set by the manufacturer. Despite this, malfunctions of LG washing machines still happen. The most common situations include the following:

  1. The tank is not filled with water. If there is enough pressure, then not everything is okay with the machine itself. Most likely, the pressure switch or the valve has broken. They are not subject to repair, so you only need to install new parts.
  2. Water does not fill to the nominal level for a long time. This may be due to the water pressure – for example, because the machine is located too high, or vice versa, too low. It is also likely that the problem is in the machine itself, namely, in the pressure switch.
  3. The door closes, but the machine reports that it is open. In this case, it is necessary to check the electric controller and the locking device.
  4. The draining doesn’t work. Here the problem lies in the drainage system. In most cases, regular cleaning helps. If the problem remains, then the components of the drain system have broken down – a hose, a pump, a level sensor, or an electric controller.
  5. Water leaks into the tray. This happens if the hoses or tank leak. There is only one way to solve this problem – to replace parts unsuitable for further use. It is also possible that the leak sensor is faulty.
When Do You Need LG Washing Machine Repair?

The specialists will easily and quickly fix almost any malfunction of the washing machine at home. So, you won’t need to look for a suitable car and pay for the transportation of a heavy unit.