Where Are The World’s Biggest Gamblers?

Gambling is a fundamental component of practically every culture in the world, in one form or another. Let’s travel the globe to locate the largest gamblers.

When you think of casinos and gambling, lavish visions of Las Vegas might be evoked. The idea that Americans have the most casinos is simply a myth, and the strict gambling regulations may surprise you. In one form or another, gambling is an integral part of almost every culture around the world. Let’s take a trip around the world to find the biggest gamblers. 

1. Australia 

Where Are The World's Biggest Gamblers?

Due to Australia’s sizable and extensive gambling sector, residents have access to various gaming opportunities. With almost 80% of Australian adults engaging in some type of gambling, the nation boasts the highest percentage of adult gamblers worldwide. When compared to other nations, Australians enjoy the highest access to gaming facilities.

Pokies are the most widely played casino game, and most people, enjoying pokies, got their start playing slots as teenagers. The public has easy access to pokies – located in hotels, authorized clubs, and conventional casinos and pubs. Queensland, the Northern Territory, and New South Wales have the most number of Australian land-based casinos. Some estimates suggest that Australia has more gamblers than any other nation in the world due to the accessibility of casino games.

2. The United Kingdom

Where Are The World's Biggest Gamblers?

It is estimated that 43% of adults in the UK have gambled in some way this year. Sports betting has been a prominent part of British culture for many centuries. However, today’s gambling industry is considerably different from that of the past. The gambling sector in the UK has grown and become far more innovative, dynamic, and varied over the last ten years.

There are many legal digital gambling options in the United Kingdom, including lotteries, casinos, sports betting, and bingo. Although gambling has been legal in the UK for many years, the laws have recently undergone a considerable overhaul. The Gambling Act of 2005 was introduced to enhance the industry’s regulation level and safeguard minors and vulnerable individuals.

3. Canada

Where Are The World's Biggest Gamblers?

Although it now ranks eighth globally in gambling popularity, Canada hasn’t always been player-friendly for casinos. Under the Canadian Criminal Code, the nation outlawed all types of gambling in 1892.

When gambling was prohibited in Canada, players struggled to find physical locations to play and wager outside fundraising events. As the first public spaces to permit gambling and betting, horse racing facilities experienced an explosive rise in popularity. Annually, about 3.5% of Canadian gamers engage in horse race betting.

Canada ranks in the top 10 countries for online gambling. Online gambling in Canada generates roughly $31 billion annually. The number is anticipated to rise substantially in the upcoming years.

4. Singapore

Where Are The World's Biggest Gamblers?

Singapore is well known for its thriving gambling industry. Despite only launching its first-ever casino in 2010, it has become one of the world’s major gambling hubs. The establishment of casinos in Singapore caused anxiety among the people who worried about addiction and financial ruin. The government is trying to discourage locals from gambling by charging people who want to visit the casino entry fees of $81.

These efforts, however, haven’t had much of an impact on the nation’s gaming culture. Singapore also boasts an extensive selection of internet casinos that let gamblers deposit money through a secure channel, and play games.

5. Ireland

Where Are The World's Biggest Gamblers?

While conventional casinos are prohibited in Ireland, virtually every other kind of gambling is allowed. In Ireland, there are several ways to wager or gamble on television, including horse races, sporting events, the lottery, and bingo. Online gambling is legal in Ireland and is another quickly growing economic area –  Ireland contributes 2.6% of Europe’s online gambling market revenue while having only 1.1% of the continent’s population.

6. Finland

Where Are The World's Biggest Gamblers?

Even though Finland only has 16 physical casinos, the industry nonetheless ranks among the country’s largest economic sectors. Online gaming accounts for the majority of Finland’s $870 million gambling market. Each year, Finns spend about €2 billion at casinos. Given that there are only 5 million people there, this is a staggering amount.

Final Thoughts

So these are the countries with the highest gambling rates per population. Participation is high as gambling is not only legalized but it is also very accessible.

Gambling industry leaders are making the most of this profitable sector and will continue to invest and expand their casino player base.  Governments are aware that they will continue to support the industry and laws because of the taxes and levies that are generated by the industry as well as employment opportunities that are created.

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