Where to Find the Best Sunday Roast in London

To find the best Sunday Roast in London, we have scoured the streets of the capital on our quest to round up the best of the best.

There’s just something quintessentially British about a Sunday roast that simply cannot be matched, no matter where you happen to be, or what you happen to be doing. We Brits simply can’t get enough of our Sunday roasts… and can you blame us?

Whilst eating them is indeed a real treat, it’s safe to say that preparing them, and then facing the endless mountain of pots when doing the washing up, is not quite as enjoyable.

When out and about on a Sunday, it’s much better to leave the cooking to the professionals and let somebody (that can cook like gran) make it for us. So whether you’re doing a spot of sight-seeing in the nation’s capital or just fancy a delicious roast dinner, here’s a look at where to find the best Sunday roast in London.

Where To Find The Best Sunday Roast in London:

The Coach & Horses

Where to Find the Best Sunday Roast in London | The Coach & Horses Leyton

Address: 391 High Rd Leyton, Leyton, London E10 5NA

First, on our list on where to find the best Sunday roasts, is the iconic Coach & Horses. The recently refurbished Leyton pub has a reputation for doing one of the best Sunday roasts in all of London.

With mouth-watering offerings such as Saltmarsh lamb, crispy roast potatoes, dry-aged beef cooked perfectly pink, Yorkshire puddings that would put Aunt Bessie to shame, and all of the other trimmings you’d expect from a perfect Sunday dinner, this is a pub that is certainly well worth checking out when only a roast dinner will do.

The Pig and Butcher

Where to Find the Best Sunday Roast in London | The Pig and Butcher

Address: 80 Liverpool Rd, Islington, London N1 0QD

Our next offering is the aptly named the Pig and Butcher. This eatery is located a mere stone’s throw away from the Angel station. It is a pub which features amazing décor (that will make you feel as if you are in a country kitchen) and even more amazing food.

If you’re sick and tired of Sunday lunches offering a measly roast potato, a pathetic sliver of meat and Yorkshire puddings so flat they may as well be pancakes, the Pig and Butcher is well worth a visit. There are no underwhelming portions here. Oh no, these are real portions. In fact, the portions so big you’ll want to loosen your belt and have a sit down afterwards.

Where to Find the Best Sunday Roast in London | The Pig and Butcher

With enormous Yorkshire puddings, real homemade gravy, delicious meats such as suckling pig and leg of lamb, along with the usual trimmings, this is a Sunday roast you simply must experience when in you’re in the neighbourhood… and even when you’re not.

The Sekforde

Where to Find the Best Sunday Roast in London | The Sekforde

Address: 34 Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0HA

There’s just something pretentious about trying to plate up a roast dinner to make it ‘Insta-friendly’ and photo-ready. When it comes to a real Sunday roast, we believe in piling it all on there and just tucking in. So, it turns out, does the folks over at the Sekforde in Clerkenwell.

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy parts of London, this eatery is perfect if you want something delicious in quieter surroundings. Once a typical London boozer, it is now a refurbished pub offering one of the best roasts in all of London.

Where to Find the Best Sunday Roast in London | The Sekforde

The roast is nothing special to look at, but wow, is it special to eat. With buttery greens, crispy golden rosemary roasted potatoes, homemade gravy, thick pink slices of meat and enormous Yorkshire puddings, this is a Sunday roast that you’ll remember for years to come.

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