Whispering Angel’s Winter Wonderland at Somerset House

Whispering Angel, the illustrious resident of Chateau d’Esclans, recently unveiled an enchanting partnership with Skate at Somerset House, casting a rosy hue over London’s winter wonderland.

Somerset House, a perennial favourite on the London winter scene, is poised to host an unforgettable ice-skating extravaganza in the very heart of the capital. This season, the Skate Lounge undergoes a mesmerizing transformation with the blush touch of Whispering Angel, offering an array of hot and cold rosé-infused cocktails. Meanwhile, Rock Angel, the vivacious counterpart, takes centre stage during the Skate Lates sessions, with a promise of electrifying DJ line-ups that will redefine winter leisure.

Whispering Angel's Winter Wonderland at Somerset House

The Rosé Renaissance: A Year-Round Affair

Rosé, once reserved for summer soirées, has transcended its seasonal boundaries. The Skate Lounge by Whispering Angel acknowledges this shift, offering an extensive menu of festive rosé cocktails. Among these delights, patrons can savour a warming glass of Mulled Whispering Angel, or venture into the innovative realm of rosé mixology with offerings such as the Angels Margarita and Rosé Negroni.

Nestled rink-side, the Lounge comes alive with the DNA of Whispering Angel, painting a festive tableau. Think pink winter illuminations, vintage pink skate ornaments, Whispering Angel-themed mugs, and Christmas trees adorned with blushing baubles. This setting delivers the quintessential après-skate experience, inviting guests to unwind in cosy booths and capture those Instagram-worthy moments with friends.

Whispering Angel's Winter Wonderland at Somerset House

An Evening of Cultural Euphoria with Rock Angel

Skate Lates, the brainchild of Rock Angel, promises an eclectic line-up of contemporary DJs, artists, and collectives, injecting boundless energy into the rink as the sun sets on the horizon.

  • 16 November: Pxssy Palace – Renowned for providing inclusive spaces for black, indigenous, and people of colour who identify as women, queer, intersex, trans, or non-binary, Pxssy Palace takes skaters on a journey of high femme anthems and genre-blending club anthems.
  • 17 November: Cousins – The resident DJs Basmati, Zaleel, A.G., and Manara, known for their bi-monthly show on NTS, present an evening of shisha bar beats, desi classics, bassline, and garage music.
  • 22 November: Raf Rundell – One half of The 2 Bears, Raf Rundell introduces classic house, party disco, and garage rhythms to the rink, ensuring an unforgettable night.
  • 1 December: Haseeb Iqbal (Worldwide FM) – A melodic concoction of jazz, punk, dub, drum and bass, garage, hip-hop, and more, curated by the dynamic DJ and writer Haseeb Iqbal, takes centre stage.
  • 6 December: RAW SILK – The dynamic duo, best friends Grace and Steph, transport skaters to the dance-floor paradise they experienced in Melbourne, delivering a heart-pounding mix of house, EBM, balearic synths, breaks, drums, and pop.
  • 12 January: Deptford Northern Soul Club – Bringing the infectious sounds of Northern Soul, South-London-based DJs and label Deptford Northern Soul Club will conclude the series on a high note.
Whispering Angel's Winter Wonderland at Somerset House


Whispering Angel and Rock Angel have crafted a winter wonderland at Somerset House, ensuring that everyone, on and off the ice, can revel in the most exceptional festive experiences. This collaboration promises to transform the heart of London into a rosé-infused, musical haven, providing a truly magical escape from the chill of the season.

In conclusion, the partnership between Whispering Angel and Skate at Somerset House heralds the arrival of a truly enchanting winter season in the heart of London. The Skate Lounge, adorned with the delicate blush of Whispering Angel, offers a delightful escape into the world of rosé, while the high-energy Skate Lates with Rock Angel promises unforgettable evenings of music and cultural diversity.

This winter, Somerset House transforms into a magical realm where every individual can partake in the joy of the season, both on and off the ice. With a full menu of festive rosé cocktails and a captivating lineup of DJs and artists, this collaboration ensures that Whispering Angel and Rock Angel host an exceptional and memorable winter experience, marking Somerset House as the place to be in the capital during the chilly months.

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