Explore Tropical Delights this World Coconut Day: From Jamaica to Maldives

This World Coconut Day, embark on a journey that leads you from the untouched shores of the Maldives to the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica.

Let your inner explorer run wild as you celebrate the splendour of coconuts. Set your calendars for the 2nd of September, and gather your coconut-inspired essentials as you prepare to whisk yourself away to the enchanting allure of palm-fringed beaches. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with coconut-infused cuisine and quench your thirst with heavenly coconut cocktails.

Jamaica, the jewel of the Caribbean, boasts a bountiful supply of coconuts that paint its landscape with tropical allure. From roadside vendors selling fresh coconut water to rich and creamy curries and exotic cocktails, coconuts are an integral part of the island’s culinary fabric.

The Quintessential Caribbean Coconut Rum Punch

Explore Tropical Delights this World Coconut Day: From Jamaica to Maldives

A symphony of tropical flavours, the Caribbean Coconut Rum Punch is a testament to coconut’s glory. Balancing sweetness with the essence of summer, this delectable drink blends coconut, orange, lime, and pineapple to create a refreshing and delightful experience. The choice of authentic J Wray and Nephew white overproof rum from Jamaica adds an extra layer of authenticity and a hint of kick to the concoction. A trip to Jamaica isn’t complete without sipping on this exquisite drink, which embodies the island’s cultural richness and flavours.


  • 45ml of white overproof rum
  • 45ml of pineapple juice
  • 45ml of orange juice
  • 50ml of coconut milk
  • 15ml of lime juice
  • 15ml of grenadine
  • 115g of ice cubes
  • Pineapple wedge, for garnish
  • Maraschino cherries, for garnish

How to Prepare:

  1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mason jar.
  2. Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Pour into a stylish glass with fresh ice and garnish with pineapple wedge or cherries.
  4. Relish the essence of Jamaica in every sip!

Indulge in this splendid cocktail amidst the golden hues of a Jamaican sunset, as palm trees sway to the ocean’s gentle rhythm and the air carries the aroma of freshly blended tropical concoctions.

Creamy Jamaican Coconut Curry: A Culinary Journey

Explore Tropical Delights this World Coconut Day: From Jamaica to Maldives

Immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of Jamaican cuisine with the Creamy Jamaican Coconut Curry. A hearty and rich dish, this curry boasts a symphony of vibrant spices and a velvety coconut sauce that’s perfect for both balmy evenings and scorching summer days.


  • 2kg of skinless and boneless chicken thighs
  • 3 tablespoons of curry powder
  • 1 tablespoon of onion powder or granules
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder or granules
  • 1 tablespoon of all-purpose seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of ground coriander
  • ½ tablespoon of cilantro fresh or dried
  • ½ tablespoon of parsley fresh or dried
  • ½ tablespoon of salt

Ingredients for Chicken:

  • 3 tablespoons olive/coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon curry powder
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 scallions, sliced
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 6-8 sprigs of fresh thyme or dried
  • 1 ½ cups full-fat coconut milk
  • A knob of coconut cream (about ¼ cup)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1-2 large carrots, sliced and halved
  • 1 cup mixed bell peppers
  • Additional pink salt, black pepper, or seasoning to taste
  • 1 scotch bonnet (optional)

How to Cook:

  1. Marinate chicken with spices and herbs.
  2. Sauté onion, scallion, and garlic, then add chicken to sear.
  3. Transfer to a crockpot, add coconut milk, coconut cream, and vegetables.
  4. Cook on high for 4 hours, adding carrots and bell peppers later.
  5. Adjust the seasoning and enjoy the exquisite dish!

Alternatively, savour the authentic dish under a swaying coconut tree on the picturesque Jamaican island.

Maldives: Coconut Avocado Maldivian Mousse

Explore Tropical Delights this World Coconut Day: From Jamaica to Maldives

Dive into the opulent flavours of the Maldives with their Green and Guilt-Free Vegan Coconut Avocado Maldivian Mousse. This divine creation combines creamy avocados with luscious coconut, resulting in a velvety dessert that transports your senses to paradise with every spoonful.


  • Corn starch
  • Coconut milk
  • Grated fresh coconut
  • Sugar or honey
  • Vanilla essence
  • Avocado
  • Cocoa powder
  • Mint leaves and chocolate sheets for garnish

How to Craft:

  1. Combine cornstarch and coconut milk, and cook until thick.
  2. Add grated coconut, sugar, and vanilla; let it cool.
  3. Create avocado puree and cocoa mixture.
  4. Layer the cocoa mixture in a glass and refrigerate.
  5. Combine avocado mixture with cooled coconut mix.
  6. Pipe into the glass, garnish, and indulge!

At Kandima Maldives, guests can explore a range of culinary delights, from coconut fudge to coconut-flavoured drinks, each a testament to the island’s indulgent charm.

Melt-in-the-Mouth Maldivian Strawberry Coconut Rock

Explore Tropical Delights this World Coconut Day: From Jamaica to Maldives

Dive into the texture-rich indulgence of Nova Maldives’ Strawberry Coconut Rock. A blend of classic and tropical, this dessert is a symphony of flavours that delights your taste buds with every bite.


  • 70g Unsalted butter
  • 75g Sugar
  • 140g Flour
  • 5g Baking powder
  • 5g Custard powder
  • 1g Strawberry jam
  • 75g Desiccated coconut (for the crumble)
  • 5g Sugar (for the crumble)
  • 1 x Egg (for the crumble)

How to Craft:

  1. Whisk butter and sugar; fold in dry ingredients.
  2. Bake mixture, then layer with strawberry jam.
  3. Create a coconut crumble mixture and spread it on top.
  4. Bake once more, cool, and indulge in this velvety treat.

Nova Maldives offers a collection of curated and creative menus for the health-conscious and culinary enthusiasts alike.


As World Coconut Day dawns, embrace the allure of coconuts across the captivating landscapes of Jamaica and the Maldives. From tantalizing cocktails to indulgent curries and mouthwatering desserts, these tropical paradises offer a feast that celebrates the versatile coconut in all its glory. So, set sail on a culinary adventure and relish the exotic charm that only coconuts can bring.

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