Your Guide To Custom Tote Bag Gifting

It is finally that time of year! Although the festive season may put most of us in a cheery mood, the main issue of gifting, be it for your loved ones or professionally, is always a hassle. A great gift that is always useful is a custom tote bag! Now, whether you would like to add your company’s logo or your family Christmas card photo, complete with buttons the cat on it, a tote bag always goes down a treat and most importantly, it actually gets used!

But to search for the best custom tote bag wholesaler for your promotional event, company, charity or personal gifting use, you need to know the basic facts on how to choose a product, what goes into the costs and how to pick a seller.

Buying promotional or custom items can be difficult. The variety is astounding, and the sellers are just as numerous. You want to be ablet to gift the best products that have your logo or image on it. You want them to use the product so that they are reminded of your product, brand, event, or just that you think they are special. Lastly, if you have a company or a product, you want other people to see those individuals with that product and see your branding.

This means that custom promotional items are just for the individuals that have them, but also, they are for all of the general public to see. With this attitude, you can focus on maximizing your marketing exposure such that a broader audience now and into the future is witness to your branding. The more exposure your brands get, the more likely you will see an uptick in your conversions and sales. Or, if it’s nan walking around with your family Christmas card photo on her weekly shop, then you get to show off just how cute buttons actually is.

Buy Wholesale for the Best Deals

Don’t think you can go to a retail shop to get your promotional or custom swag. Think about how a retail shop operates. Their basic operations are to have a massive variety of items, not a massive amount of any one item, unless it is highly sought after. This means that you won’t be able to buy all the items you need. You will be stuck going from retailer to retailer trying to fill all your needs. Plus, what about customization?

Most retail operations don’t do any type of customization of the products that they have. They sell what they have. If you want a logo or picture thrown on it, then you need to take it somewhere else. To simplify this process, you need to buy from a place that can do everything, sell you your entire order and be able to customize all of the products.

Wholesale distribution sites are perfect for obtaining small and large orders for specific products while also requiring customization with logos, designs, or any other type of branding or images. Normally, a retailer will purchase their inventory from a wholesaler. Instead, you skip the retail operation and go straight to the wholesaler. This lets you maximize what you can save and get the benefits of a one-stop-shop. Buying wholesale is the economic and smart choice for any promotional or custom product that needs to be purchased in larger amounts and with highly specific customization.

Always Buy Custom Tote Bags For Promotions

Tote bags are the best promotional item you can offer your clients, customers, or the general public. Why? Custom tote bags like the ones at offered by, one of our secret sources, are of the highest quality and offer continued utility. Another reason we love using them is the wide range, great pricing and they have a great range of eco-friendly recycled canvas tote bags. If you are looking to make a truly lasting impression on your marketing and your bottom line, then you need to focus on the utility of the product rather than the more common cheap swag offered at conferences like those branded pens and keychains nobody uses. It isn’t about conformity but offering something to the individual that makes them feel thought of. If you give them something that they will use, they will believe that you considered their concerns. If they think that they will trust your brand image more and be that much closure to a conversion than they were before.

Further, make sure you maximize the customization. It is true that customization costs can eat into your budget. They are often determined by the number of colours that your image uses and the number of sides that the image is printed on. So, if your tote bag has three colours with the image on both sides, that order will cost more than if you got the order with one colour printed on one side. However, consider the impact. Just because your logo will be seen doesn’t mean that people want to see it. Make it worth seeing, make the event worth the promotion, and don’t skimp on quality marketing.

Once you start skimping on the marketing you will start to lose the respect of your audience. The general public can turn on a branding image in a second and without hesitation. It is part of the nuance of the industry. However, with promotional products, the story is easy. When you look for something, get a customized tote bag for your clients with full-colour branding on both sides to ensure full impact and exposure. You will be paid over again and again with free advertising for the life of the product. That is invaluable to any company no matter how big or small.

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