12 Living Room Statement Piece Ideas To Consider

In interior design, a statement piece is any type of furnishing or ornament that is supposed to grab people’s attention. Statement pieces can add personality to a room by making it more unique.

In a living room, they can be great conversation starters, as well as a great way to bring energy to the room.

Obviously, you don’t want to have too many statement features in a living room, as they could distract from one another and make your living room feel slightly too busy.

Sometimes a single statement piece can be enough to make a living room more exciting. However, it’s important that you choose a statement feature that is able to stand out among your TV and seating. Below are some examples of great living room statement pieces. 

Rocking Chair

12 Living Room Statement Piece Ideas To Consider

A rocking chair can be a fun alternative to a regular armchair. These chairs come in many styles from traditional all-wooden rocking chairs to fabric/leather rocking armchairs.

Rocking chairs have long been popular among seniors with mobility issues as they can be a way of keeping circulation going without having to get up and walk around. Parents with infants can meanwhile use them to rock kids to sleep. 

Chaise Longe

Chaise longes are unique sofas designed for ‘lounging’ on as opposed to sitting. They look like a sofa but with only one armrest (which is also designed to be a backrest). Throughout history, chaise longues have been a sign of luxury.

Whether you choose an antique chaise longe or a modern version, such furniture is certain to stand out and make your living room feel more sophisticated. 

Stone Coffee Table

Most coffee tables are made from wood or glass. A more luxurious and snazzy option could be a coffee table made of stone. This could be a natural stone like marble or granite, or you could choose a synthetic stone to save money.

Such coffee tables are sturdier and more resistant to damage, but may not be recommended in households with kids due to how solid they are. 

Antique Chest

Another coffee table alternative could be an antique wooden chest. Such chests can provide storage space for various living room items like toys and remote, while also adding a touch of history.

Antique chests can be bought online or at second-hand shops and can vary in price depending on their age and condition. They can work well with period furniture, or provide a nice contrast against modern furniture. 

Large Plant

When it comes to houseplants in your living room, why not opt for a large floor standing potted plant? Money tree plants, kentia palms, birds of paradise and peace lillies are just a few examples of large floor standing plants that are great for living rooms.

Such plants can help to purify the air and literally bring a sense of life to your room. Just make sure that they are placed somewhere that receives enough sunlight and that they have enough water. You can order indoor plants online or buy them from a local gardening store. 


You can also turn your ceiling light fitting into a statement piece by exploring chandelier styles. When many people think of a ‘chandelier’, they typically think of elaborate crystal chandeliers.

But chandeliers can also include contemporary ‘sputnik’ light fittings and LED ring chandeliers. On top of being stylish focal points, chandeliers can help disperse more light around the room. However, they are not suitable for all living rooms – if you’ve got quite a low ceiling, a chandelier could just get in the way.

Abstract Mirror

Mirrors can make great living room statement pieces too. They can also help reflect light and make a small living room feel bigger. Most mirrors are square or oval shaped.

However, you can buy mirrors in more abstract shapes including geometric arrangements of squares and triangles or rounded puddle shapes. These types of mirrors complement modern furniture well, but can still work when contrasted with period furniture in an older home. 

Large Painting

You could also consider hanging a large painting on one of your living room walls. This could be something vibrant and busy if you want to add a sense of energy to the room, or something more simple and calming if you want to create a more relaxing space.

You should avoid hanging a painting above or near a TV as the two could serve as a distraction from one another. Instead, consider placing it on a wall opposite to your TV. 

Oversized Lamp

A lamp next to a sofa or armchair could be great for reading. Instead of choosing a regular table lamp, you could consider an oversized lamp for a statement piece. Large floor standing anglepoise-style lamps pair well with black leather sofas for a vintage touch. Alternatively, you could consider a large round ceramic table lamp.

Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are ideal for adding a cosy sense of warmth to a living room. However, it doesn’t have to be a natural fireplace to have this effect. Electric fireplaces have become increasingly common in homes and come in all kinds of styles – including fireplaces designed to imitate real flames and more abstract options.

Many of these fireplaces also double up as electric heaters – not just providing a sense of warmth, but actual warmth (ideal for the winter months). 

Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are arguably the most striking timepieces you can buy for your home. They can be great for spicing up the corner of a living room. Most people invest in antique grandfather clocks for a touch of history. However, there are modern grandfather clock ideas out there if you want something more unusual and contemporary. 

Floral Curtains

Curtains can also be a statement piece. Floral curtains have come back into fashion in recent years, although these tend to be slightly different to the washed-out ditsy patterns of the 60s and 70s. Large vibrant floral prints are a more modern popular option. You can even opt for something slightly exotic such as oriental floral print or tropical floral print for a burst of colour.

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