3 of the Most Iconic Filming Locations

Throughout history, there have been countless incredible movies – so many, in fact, that it is impossible to count. However, every new century produces at least a handful of movies that are not just incredible – they are iconic. This means that a movie resonated with audiences so much that it created a powerful, cultural impact, making it a milestone in history.

From the 60’s all the way to the 2010’s (and now the 2020’s), iconic films come to fruition as a result of incredibly talented directors, writers, and casts; enabling us to experience magic that is often missing from normal, everyday life.

Within these iconic movies are iconic locations. Of course, some locations are not real, they might be CGI or studio-generated sets. However, many iconic locations are real places where anyone can visit.

Let’s look at 3 of the most iconic ones.

Caesars Palace (The Hangover, 2009)

3 of the Most Iconic Filming Locations
Caesars Palace, Las Vagas where The Hangover was filmed. | Image: Caesars Palace.

The Hangover (2009) is one of the most well-received comedies of the 21st century. It introduced several characters – Alan, Phil, Stu, Mr. Chow, and many more – who remain in the hearts of fans to the present day. Even now, fans are still demanding a 4th Hangover movie (which is highly unlikely), showcasing just how impactful the first Hangover movie truly was.

When people think of The Hangover, one key location comes to mind – Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This is where The Wolfpack stayed for Doug’s bachelor party. Within Caesars Palace, some of the funniest scenes take place – like the legendary casino moment.

Here, we witness Alan, Phil, and Stu put their best suits on and head to the Caesar’s Palace casino to win some money that will enable them to free Doug from being held, hostage. This scene was so hilarious and impactful that it created an entirely new generation of casino fanatics, who play at online casino Canada.

Harry and Lloyd’s apartment building (Dumb and Dumber, 1994)

3 of the Most Iconic Filming Locations
Harry and Lloyd’s apartment in Rhodes Island

Dumb and Dumber (1994) is another iconic comedy movie, this time from the 1990’s.

A lot of fans don’t know that Harry and Lloyd’s apartment building is real – and is still standing today. It is located in Providence, Rhode Island, and the biggest fans of this movie often drive out there to get a photograph at the entrance.

Joker Stairs (The Joker, 2019)

3 of the Most Iconic Filming Locations
The ‘Joker’ stairs have become a massive Bronx tourist attraction since the release of the film | Image: Warner Bros.

In recent history, one of the most popular and controversial movies is The Joker (2019), which fans are still hoping will receive a sequel. The director Todd Phillips, who also directed the Hangover trilogy, has a great eye for locations to shoot at – and he nailed it again, here. When The Joker was first released, fans were blown away by the cinematography in particular scenes – one of them being the staircase scene. The staircase is situated between Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues in the Bronx. Here, the audience witnesses the Joker do a bizarre dance whilst smoking a cigarette. Fans love this scene so much it has caused the staircase to become a major tourist destination. It is almost impossible to walk on those stairs without witnessing fans taking pictures and recreating the scene. This is amazing, but allegedly the constant fan attention has frustrated residents in the area who live on opposing sides of the staircase.