4 Essential Items That Can Make Or Break Your Golf Game

People enjoy playing golf for many different reasons. For some it’s the opportunity to play an outdoor sport in the sunshine, surrounded by wide, open spaces.

For others, it’s the competitive element and the skills and techniques involved. It can be inspiring seeing professionals compete on television, and it’s fun when you play with friends. 

4 Essential Items That Can Make Or Break Your Golf Game

In reality, there aren’t many things you need to buy before you can take this up as a hobby. Having said that, your purchases can make or break your game. If you buy cheap clubs and accessories they will have a negative impact on your playing and you’ll also risk injury. This article has been created to discuss four key items that you’ll need and to provide guidance before you buy. 

1. Golf Clubs

4 Essential Items That Can Make Or Break Your Golf Game

It’s understandable if a beginner feels totally confused by the choice available. They may not know a 6-iron from a pitching wedge, or a mallet putter from a hybrid.  People may be unaware that graphite clubs are particularly suitable for women because they are lighter. They may also be clueless as to club maintenance, including regripping and cleaning. Without a clear knowledge of such things, a newcomer could seriously impair their game. 

It’s well worth conducting internet research to discover exactly what you’ll need. There are websites that feature golf club reviews and advise people how to choose a putter. They also provide guidance on the best driving irons for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. Seniors can also gain online help, and those who want to slice or ‘hit it deep.’

2. A Golf Bag

4 Essential Items That Can Make Or Break Your Golf Game

You won’t only be bringing your clubs with you; there may be an assortment of spare balls and tees, and a bottle of water too. If you’re using a golf cart to get around, you can bring anything you like including sunblock and towels, etc. A cart or staff bag would suit your purpose because it would have extra storage pockets and weight wouldn’t be such an issue. 

If you’re going to walk around the course, however, it’s important that you protect your neck, shoulders, and back. If you don’t have a caddie, why not get a stand bag that can keep your belongings upright. They often feature double straps to spread the weight and reduce the strain on specific parts of your body. Remember that you’ll need your strength from start to finish, so you will need to have some energy left for the final hole!

Tour bags are a perfect choice should you become involved in tournaments. In appearance, they look highly similar to the ones professionals use. The high-end versions even include such things as LCD screens.

3. Golf Balls

4 Essential Items That Can Make Or Break Your Golf Game

It’s advisable to have at least twelve with you during each game. Whilst a novice may believe that they are all the same, nothing could be further from the truth. The way they are constructed and compressed is still improving, and needless to say, a higher quality ball will enhance a player’s performance. They come in a range of different materials from polyurethane to rubber. If you really want to make your mark, you can even buy personalized versions. 

Beginners to golf are famously prone to ‘topping the ball’ which is a technical failure that can damage them. For this reason, they are strongly advised to purchase medium compression versions that are more durable. Seniors should check out three and four-piece balls. If you want low levels of spin and shots that go the distance, consider two-layer or two-piece versions. 

4. Gloves

4 Essential Items That Can Make Or Break Your Golf Game

If you’ll pardon the pun, they need to fit like a hand in a glove: they should feel almost like your own skin. This way your grip and control can be maximized. Comfort is important too, as you will want to avoid chafing your hands or becoming overheated during gameplay.

If you look online you’ll see that the gloves are made from several different materials. Some are thicker and stronger, and you can select them according to hand size. 

Hopefully, you now feel ready to do some serious shopping. Don’t forget to buy some long-lasting tees in colours that will stand out. Stock up on some weatherproof clothing and look into buying spiked shoes as well.

Once you are armed with suitable clubs, balls, gloves, and a golf bag you’ll be ready to begin. Who knows how many hours you will have to enjoy this highly popular sport? All the preparation and learning will have been worthwhile. Your skills will develop, new friends will be made, and a whole new unique experience will become a part of your life. 

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