5 Gift Ideas To Ignite Your Bestie’s Heart Who’s On Her Way Abroad

Is your childhood friend traveling abroad for further studies? If yes, then smiles on your face are superfluous. Deep down, you’re heartbroken- your partner-in-crime is going to awaken to a new world with enormous responsibilities and a limited time.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ve to sit in a corner all day- crying- you’ve to make her departure exciting and memorable.

While you’ve planned a particular song for reminiscing your memories, you’re confused about what to give her, which is both valuable and unique at the same time.

Below are some gift ideas for a future study abroad-er:

1. Something Emotional

The first and most important gift that’s sure to go a long way in expressing your love and affection for your best friend is a sentimental gift.

While personalized gift options work the best for friends, sitting and scratching your head for the best one makes a little sense.

When they land in a new place, they might feel weird and uncertain. One of the best ways to make sure that they start feeling confident is to have a welcome cake ready for them when they arrive. You can choose online cake shops to help make your friend stay comfortable in a new country or city. Food in general can be a great gift idea for someone who is traveling abroad. Providing them with some ready made meals will eliminate the worries of finding food in a foreign country and give them a taste of home. You can also include some traditional treats from your hometown to make it even more special.

If wonderment is a case that works for you, make sure to get some ideas from valuable resources like Famiprints.com or other websites. Thus, you dwell in tranquillity as you’ll have the options of gifting photo collages, personalized mugs, towels, sheets, or a wall canvas.

Just remember to keep it small and lightweight as there’s little room in the suitcase!

2. Carry-On Luggage With A Battery Pack

The mid-semester breaks tend to offer study abroad travel opportunities. Thus, gifting a piece of luggage, which is small enough to carry on budget flights, can be your best bet.

Or, you can also look for a suitcase, which has an in-built battery pack. This bag is indeed a thumbs-up gift option as it helps in charging phones, laptops, and iPads.

Gift Ideas To Ignite Your Bestie’s Heart Who’s On Her Way Abroad

3. Travel-Size Refillable Pumps And Bottles

You can never be sure of finding the right-sized toiletries in a home away from home. If you wish your pal to escape the trouble, make sure to give her refillable travel-sized bottles.

The abroad-er will be able to fill these herself when needed without getting their much-needed shampoo having taken at the security check. Make sure these are durable and refillable than available options.

Gift Ideas To Ignite Your Bestie’s Heart Who’s On Her Way Abroad

4. Space Bags

This gift is the best for your best friend if she has many clothes and tends to overpack them. These space bags are ideal for helping them pack more in significantly less space.

Know that there are several sizes and colours available and don’t even require a vacuum for usage. Just ascertain getting rollable travel bags to make the most of overpacking during their expedition.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

If your friend is an avid reader, an active bookworm, then don’t look beyond Kindle Paperwhite. This device is sure to save a lot of space in their travel bags, and they’ll be much lighter than carrying books.

Also, never forget to give them an Amazon Gift Card so that they’re able to download some books before paving a path abroad.

Gift Ideas To Ignite Your Bestie’s Heart Who’s On Her Way Abroad

The Verdict- When Words Fail, Gifts Speak

Other gift ideas can be a travel journal, power adapter, travel neck pillow, or a camera. Just make sure to adorn their wishes by choosing something they like and something they want.

In the end, your quest for an ideal gift ends here. Happy gifting!

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