5 Money-Saving Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom

Do you sigh wistfully over beautiful bathrooms in home décor magazines but feel as though you will never be able to achieve such a wonderful effect with the budget at your disposal? Here are five tips that are both budget-friendly and gorgeous and that, used in conjunction or singly, can transform your bathroom from the merely practical to beautifully stylish.

Go Green

5 Money-Saving Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom | Go Green

Adding plants to a bathroom makes it feel fresh and well-tended and gives it an air of sumptuous naturalness – and all for the price of a couple of plants! Choose rainforest plants that can cope well with hot steamy conditions and they will thrive adding opulence to your bathroom.

Paint or Wallpaper

5 Money-Saving Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom | Paint or Wallpaper

There are bathroom-friendly wallpapers and waterproof paints that can completely change the look of your bathroom, even if you do nothing else to it! Instead of practical plain colours, choose two or three contrasting paint colours for your walls allowing the strong accent colours to bring features to the eye, while softer lighter shades can open the room out, making it appear large.

Wallpaper is even more transformative – deep forest green wallpaper with exotic wildlife images throughout can take your bathroom deep into the jungle, while soft sandy brown and washed out blue will conjure up a beach scene – especially if the pattern includes seashells, seaweed and fish.

For a modest cost, you can have a new-looking bathroom for much less than you might expect.

Luxury Fittings

5 Money-Saving Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom | Luxury Fittings

Examine your bathroom and see which parts are the ones you dislike the most. In many cases, it is old-fashioned fittings (cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and taps etc) that give the bathroom a dated and tired look. Instead of revamping the entire bathroom, just change those parts of it that you think are letting the room down. Why not visit the My Bathrooms website to see options for designer bathrooms in Harrogate? You might be surprised at just how much difference a change in fittings can make to a slightly boring bathroom!

Light It Well

5 Money-Saving Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom | Light It Well

One thing that interior designers pay a lot of attention to is lighting. Banishing a harsh overhead glare in favour of softer, diverse pools of light is an excellent way to give your bathroom a welcoming – and flattering – ambience.

Consider Your Tiles

5 Money-Saving Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom | Consider Your Tiles

Do your tiles stress you out as being slightly grubby and very plain? You don’t need to change them in order to brighten up the bathroom. First of all, scrub the tiles very well, using the correct cleaning materials to remove dirt, soap scum and grime that can build up, and see if that alone is enough to make an improvement (it very often does!) – don’t forget the grouting, either! If that is not enough of a transformation, you can purchase adhesive stickers in a huge array of shapes and sizes to create patterns, introduce colour schemes and so much more into your bathroom.