5 Trendy Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

A wedding without a flower is like an engagement without rings. They are the heart of weddings. They accentuate the wedding venue and add color, fragrance, and delicacy to the entire concept. And if you are a flower person, the desire to add some creativity using wedding flowers is always a must-have.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just the aisle or arrange them as bouquets or boutonnieres. Here are some easy and trendy ways to use flowers in your wedding. Let’s make sure to wow your guests and make all your floral wedding dreams come true.

So, all set?

Create A Hanging Flower Wall

5 Trendy Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

A Flowers wedding is like a fantasy desire of every couple. And wedding flower walls make it even more vogue. It’s no wonder that a luxurious wall installation will create a spectacular view or a focal point on your special day. The best part is that flowers for weddings work anywhere to create an extravagant hanging flower wall.

You can use them at the entrance or as a beautiful backdrop for your vow exchange. You can also make them a part of your escort card display. In short, add them to any place where you want to draw attention. For instance, you can make a winter wedding flowers backdrop or create a romantic flowers wedding wall. The choice is entirely yours.

Use Flowers Around The Lights

Whether you wish to create a lush tropical landscape or want to be more like a “flower couple,” you can keep blooms a priority. But you can use LEDs to highlight them. You can look for different ideas to design flowers and lights around one another.

For example, you can use vines and incorporate them with light strings to create a fantasy outlook at your wedding. Plus, it will enhance the overall natural beauty of your wedding. Another way to decorate your wedding flowers with lightning is using hurricane lanterns. It will elevate your wedding decor. The best part is that they go with everything.

Also, you can improve the picturesque with twinkling lights. It will make it an even more intimate and lively wedding affair.

Create A Flower Chandelier

5 Trendy Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

If you wish to make a statement at your wedding, a floral chandelier is the right way to go. You can hang them above the reception tables or choose to make them a part of your dance floor. This will add color and help you add some drama and romance to your D-day. But if you think there is only one way to make chandeliers, you are wrong.

For example, you can opt for a wreath chandelier. This is quite popular for fall weddings. To make it an attractive option for your D-day, you can add colorful fall leaves, sprigs, and acorns. Another example is ditching too many fresh blooms and using sola wood flowers instead to give the same look, but without any fuss. By doing this, you can quickly get a bit more creative.

Use As Table Organizers

5 Trendy Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

If you think a sola wood flower bouquet is the only way to add flowers to a wedding, you can miss out on all the possible ideas for your wedding flowers when planning your special day. For instance, you don’t have to stick to blooms only for a solo display. You can work with other items and take any design up a notch. For example, you can display florals at guest tables. It will be any day better than any gold flatware.

You can use them as continuous runners going down the table or create your own unique “wow factor” at the wedding. You can complete the look using candles in an accent color or accentuate the look with metal candle holders. Further, you can also use the wedding flowers to create a sweetheart table and make it a highlight of the reception.

Craft A Sign Decor

Wedding signs are important. It helps communicate where to go and what to expect. However, who said they have to be boring? Let’s turn these mundane and functional parts of your wedding into more special and cohesive. You can turn the illustrations of yourself into an acrylic sign at the wedding venue using a variety of wedding flowers.

Another way of adding wedding flowers is by using blooms and leafy greens around the modacrylic stand. You can also use neon signage coupled with sola wood wedding flowers to enhance the look.


If you want to save thousands of dollars on wedding flowers, you must opt for sola wood wedding flowers. You don’t have to cut down on florals and create unique pieces to create a memory that will last forever.


5 Trendy Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

If you are a creative person and love DIYs, you can look for some inspiration online to opt for custom floral arrangements that will help you create a meaningful and memorable craft for your wedding day.