7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Man

Giving gifts is always a great way to show the people you care about your love and appreciation for them. There’s no need to wait for their birthday or any holiday to make them feel special, as you can be spontaneous and give them a present

While this can be exciting, choosing the perfect gift can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to get them.

For example, suppose you’re giving a present to someone entrepreneurial-minded. You’d want to give them something practical they can use at work. After all, entrepreneurs don’t like wasting their time, as they want to keep themselves productive.

To help you with this, below are some great gift ideas for your entrepreneurial man:

7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Man

1. Messenger Bag

Entrepreneurs are usually on the go as they have places they need to be. For instance, they may need to leave their office to meet a client. With that in mind, a practical gift you can give them is a bag they can use.  

As a good start, it can help to know the things they’ll likely place inside so you can determine the right size to get them. Perhaps, you can get them a bag that can help them carry bigger items like their laptop or other gadgets or smaller valuables like their wallet.

But besides the size of the messenger bag, it’d also be great to get something that can offer them an extra layer of security, like RFID-blocking products, especially if they tend to travel using public transportation.

If you’re wondering what is RFID blocking, it’s a new tech that prevents you from falling victim to electronic pickpocketing or RFID skimming, wherein hackers can easily steal your card details even without you knowing. So, to avoid any inconvenience and trouble for your entrepreneurial man, giving them a bag with RFID blocking would be helpful.

2. Slim Wallet

Most people don’t appreciate using a bulky wallet, especially if they like placing them inside their pockets.

It can make them feel uncomfortable and uneasy as something bulges in their pockets. This can also attract pickpockets as you’re making your wallet’s placement too obvious. This is where slim wallets come in handy.

7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Man

You can provide convenience and comfort to your entrepreneurial man with this type of high-quality wallet.

Slim wallets usually hold plenty of cards and less cash. This is great nowadays as most payment options are now cashless. 

3. Portable Phone Charger

As mentioned, since entrepreneurs are mostly on the go, they might not have enough time to plug in and charge their phones. To help address this dilemma, consider giving them a portable phone charger. 

While a power bank also works well, it may not be the most convenient option to keep their phones fully charged. With a portable phone charger, they can plug in an external battery right through their phone and allow them to use it as it is, with no extra cables.

4. Tablet

Using planners is extremely important, especially for busy people like entrepreneurs. However, with how fast-paced the industry can be, using pen and paper to list your agenda and track your schedule can be inconvenient.

To make things easier, consider giving them a tablet. This can help them manage and oversee their schedule more efficiently. A tablet can also allow them to access soft copies of important documents they may need.

7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Man

5. Luxurious Pen

Your entrepreneurial man should have a good pen with them at all times. They can use it as they sign contracts or cheques or write notes. While any pen would suffice, giving them something more luxurious and classier can give them a more professional image, especially when meeting with clients or investors.

To make it more special, you can choose between giving them a black, silver, or gold pen and engraving their name or initials on the side. 

6. Wireless Earbuds

A busy entrepreneur is likely to be doing plenty of things simultaneously. In this case, a wireless earbud would be helpful.

For example, they can use these when they need to answer phone calls and cannot use their hands to put their phone over their ears, or they’re walking on a busy street. This can also offer them a good alternative to answering calls on speaker as it provides privacy. 

7. Set Of Ties

If your man needs to deal with clients or would like to make themselves look more presentable and powerful, then giving them a set of ties would surely be a great idea.

This allows them to mix and match various colours with their shirt and coat, making them look classy and sophisticated.

7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Man

Wrapping Up 

There are plenty of great gift ideas you can consider to give your entrepreneurial man.

You can get inspiration from the suggestions above as you look for the best item that meets their needs and preferences while offering them practicality and convenience.

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