7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

No photos of London will ever be complete without the River Thames in the backdrop. River Thames has long been known as one of the world’s most recognizable waterways.

But how much do you really know about it? Here are some of the notable facts about the River Thames that make it more interesting than ever:

1. River Thames Is A Unique River Of Islands

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

Many people are unaware to this day that River Thames actually has around 200 islands. What is even more interesting is that most of these islands are inhabited, specifically by creative people who love the unconventional way of life that the islands have to offer.

2. A Portion Of River Thames Was A Camp During Bronze Age

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

An excavation of the site right beside The Runnymede on the Thames was performed in the 1970s and it was confirmed as a location of the settlers during Bronze Age. This led to the discovery of many items, such as stone ax mold together with different ornaments, tools, weapons, and vessels.

There was also a belief that a bronzesmith who worked in the area buried his pile of goods there before he left. Surprisingly, it has been thousands of years, but his stash remains unfound.

3. River Thames Is A Source Of Drinking Water

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

Approximately 70% of the drinking water of London residents actually originates from the River Thames. The water companies move the river’s waters to the reservoirs where they undergo treatment before reaching the households all over the Greater London area.

4. River Thames Used To Host Frost Fairs

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

You might find it unimaginable today but back in the days, River Thames freezes over often. Every time happens in the past, Frost Fairs spice up the place as enterprising Londoners sell hot gin and gingerbread to partygoers. The Great Frost of 1683 is said to be the longest time that River Thames is believed to have stayed frozen for two months.

5. River Thames Is A Musical Inspiration

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

River Thames never fails to capture the imagination and interest of many bands and musicians who have long been known in history. These include The Beatles, with their penultimate photoshoot taking place in 1969 on the river’s Richmond stretch
In 1977, The Sex Pistols also performed a concert straight from a riverboat right on River Thames.

The music video of Culture Club for Karma Chameleon was also filmed on River Thames although, during that time, viewers were made to believe that the river was the more exotic Mississippi.

6. Salmon Is Bountiful On River Thames

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

River Thames also serves as the home to a bountiful population of salmon. Pollution led to the death of the fish in the river during the 1800s. Today, the river has become cleaner, leading to the reintroduction of salmon to the river.

Dwellers on the side of the river often report seeing salmon traveling to their breeding areas in the river’s Berkshire stretch.

7. River Thames Has Over 200 Bridges

7 Interesting Facts About The River Thames

There are now more than 200 bridges crossing the river, with Queen Elizabeth II Bridge being the longest one at 812 meters. The Westminster Bridge also has a very deliberate color with the same green shade as the leather seats in the neighboring House of Commons.