7 Rules on How to Select Perfect Gifts for Men

They say men can be notoriously challenging to shop for.

Whatever the occasion – birthdays, Christmas Day, or anniversaries, you’ve probably gone through the dilemma of selecting the perfect present for the most important men in your life.

It can be difficult indeed. But once you hit the right note, it’s going to be remarkable.

Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to end up buying the best gifts for men.

Write down the hobbies or sports that he enjoys.

Start by making a list of his hobbies or interests. If he likes collecting swords, a perfect gift would be a Shirasaya, or if he likes poker perhaps a card shuffler. Maybe he’s into a specific sport or something. Maybe he loves cooking or taking captivating photos. By leaning towards his hobbies, you can easily narrow your shopping choices.

Here are some gift ideas according to popular men’s hobbies:

  • Cooking or grilling: a beautifully decorated hamper featuring special herbs and spices that are often hard to find.
  • Homebrewing: a starter kit that includes all the basic supplies he needs to start brewing his own beer!
  • Bodybuilding: An arm curl blaster, TRX suspension trainer, adjustable dumbbell set, or a high-quality blender perfect for making his favorite healthy shakes.
  • Hiking: A new pair of hiking kicks, survival tools (swiss knife set), a hammock or an emergency sleeping bag, or a firestarter kit.

Remember that men are very practical

Some gift items may look really nice. But if they aren’t something useful, you might want to look for something else.

That’s because most men prefer practical gifts.

Think of items that he can use often rather than something he will just put in the drawer. A perfect example is a wallet. He probably has one or more already but most men will happily welcome a good-quality wallet in his collection. If he is a frequent traveller for business or leisure, then a travel backpack would be a practical and useful gift.

Choose men’s wallets of excellent quality so they can use them for a long time.

Ask him about his interests (without sounding obvious)

There are many ways to know what specific items he wants without spilling the beans. For example, you can ask him during casual conversations. You can talk about some items (say, for example, a gear) you plan to buy for him and ask his opinion about it.

Take note of what he likes and dislikes. You’ll pretty much have a good idea about the gifts he prefers after several great convos.

You might even be surprised with some of the things he’s into, so it’s important to keep an open mind. Guys find it hard to talk openly about their interests for fear of being judged, but when he feels that he can trust you, it’s only a matter of time. 

Men are boys at heart, and they still like to collect or play with toys. Casually ask if he has some items that he loves collecting, like firearm replicas from the medieval era or toy figurines of comic book superheroes.

Ask his friends what he needs

An easy way to find out the perfect gifts for men is to ask their friends. These people have the best knowledge of his hobbies and interests, and what specific things are still missing in his collection.

You don’t have to ask all of his friends. Just those who are close to him and that won’t let him figure out that you’re having a surprise. Maybe he shared his admiration for a chatwin duffle bag he loved recently.

Give him memories

Who says gifts are only those you can box?

For men who are really close to your heart, such as your partner, son, dad, or sibling, consider giving something special like a trip together.

Alternately, you can ask him for a day out. Do the activities he loves and share his passion. Cook a special dinner for him. Make him feel like a King even for just one day.

If he’s been stressed lately, consider giving a gift certificate to a spa or a one-year membership to the gym.

Positive memories and great experiences are gifts men will cherish for a lifetime.

Choose something of great quality

Just as you want something that your man will find useful, you also want it to be of high quality.

These are different things.

Sure, he will use it regularly, maybe every day. But, will it last? You need not buy the most expensive things. There are brands known for their top quality without the high price tag. Stick to those.

It must be a surprise

The last rule when giving gifts to men is it has to be a surprise.

Gifts are less fun when they lack the element of surprise. So if it’s an item, put it in a beautiful box or bag. If it’s an experience, keep him clueless until the time has come.

Regardless of what you give, your man is going to love it because it came from you. But it doesn’t hurt to make gift-giving more special by following these rules. Whatever the occasion, he’s sure to find your gift memorable.

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