A Beginner’s Guide To Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Myrtle Beach

Did you get into an accident in Myrtle Beach that led to serious injuries? Whether you got into a car accident, a slip and fall incident, or another problem, you would benefit from filing a personal injury claim. 

We recommend working with an experienced Myrtle Beach injury lawyer to get the best benefit possible.

To find out how to properly file a personal injury claim, take a look at the guide below. Here, we detail every step you need to take to file such a claim. Ready to learn all about it? Then, read on!

Obtain Medical Treatment

The first thing you’ll need to do is seek healthcare services for your injuries. You will need to get a physical examination to see if the accident broke or punctured anything. Make sure to obtain a detailed medical report, medical records of your treatment, and the extensiveness of your injuries.

Check to See If Insurance Policy Covers the Accident

Before you begin filing any claims or speaking with a lawyer, you should check to see whether the person at fault has insurance coverage covering your accident. Often, drivers have car insurance, while business owners have property and business insurance.

Also, if a slip-and-fall accident led to your injury, does the property insurance include liability coverage? Check the insurance policy before filing a claim. 

Speak with an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were in a major car accident or another incident, you could benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer. The attorney can help you recover the costs of your medical treatment. Filing your claim may get more complex, so the help of a personal injury lawyer will make the process more straightforward and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

A Beginner’s Guide To Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Myrtle Beach

Hire the Best Attorney for the Job

Ask an experienced personal injury attorney important questions to see if they’re right for your case. For example, ask them about their communication style, who will represent you in court, and who to contact day-to-day about your case. 

Find out if the law firm has garnered any awards and recognition to ensure you hire one of the best personal injury lawyers in Myrtle Beach. 

Inform the Insurance Company of Your Claim

Your attorney will send a letter to the insurance company and the person at fault for your injuries about the claim you’re planning to file. That step is important to settle the claim more quickly. 

Prepare for the Interview with the Insurance Adjuster

Your lawyer will help prepare you for an interview with an insurance adjuster. The insurance company will seek to investigate the incident. The interview is a major part of that process. Do not give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement, as the company may use that statement to lower your settlement amount. 

Collect Evidence and Complete Treatment for Injuries

Make sure to gather as much evidence regarding your injuries and other damages as you can. Then, continue to get treatment for your injuries and pay all your medical bills. That way, you’ll have the receipts needed to obtain compensation from the insurance company. 

You may also need photos of the incident to prove liability. 

Have the Attorney Negotiate a Settlement

A Beginner’s Guide To Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Myrtle Beach

Your attorney will make demands and negotiate a settlement in multiple rounds with the insurance company. The negotiation is similar to how a home or a car is sold, with both parties making specific demands. Eventually, a settlement is reached by compromising on both sides.

Reach a Settlement or File a Lawsuit 

You can accept the offer and sign the required paperwork when you and your attorney are happy with a settlement amount. However, if you cannot reach an acceptable offer, you may need to file a lawsuit against the defendant.

Before You Go

When filing a personal injury claim in Myrtle Beach, follow the nine steps above to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.