Things To Know About Safely Storing Your Guns

Firearms are so exciting. Hunting or practising your precision is the best time spent when you’re a firearm lover. With tons of guns out there, and a chance to own many of them, you also need to know how to take care of them. If you’re a gun lover, you may even decide you want to build your own gun with a Glock compatible lower.

After using them, you need to store them in a safe place. Putting them in the highest place of the closet is not the best place. When burglars walk in, this is the first place they will look, and your gun may be the most valuable possession they’d steal. On the other hand, you can’t place them just anywhere. Unless you’re living alone in the house, you’ll need to find a safe place to store them.

In this article, we’re talking about storing and taking care of your guns. We will share tips on what you need to mind when using firearms and how to store them afterward safely. Read on if you want to know more about these things.

1. Regular Maintenance Is An Absolute Must

Things To Know About Safely Storing Your Guns

After hunting or shooting at a target, your gun needs to be cleaned. Even if you’re not using them often and they are just stored at a designated place, you still need to pay attention and thoroughly clean them up.

You need to disassemble the entire firearm and clean it piece by piece. It’s essential to have everything in perfect condition if you want the gun to never fail you. Clean it from dirt and dust, and make sure it’s perfectly greased where needed – the barrel, the trigger, the hammer – everything needs to be flawless.

2. Always Check The Insight And Make Sure There Are No Bullets Inside

Things To Know About Safely Storing Your Guns

When you’re using the gun, you’ll probably shoot a magazine of bullets. Sometimes way more. Constantly using and exchanging bullets means you’ll surely forget how much was placed inside, how many were fired, and how much was left inside the gun.

Never store your gun in a safe place without thoroughly checking what’s inside. Never leave a bullet in the barrel or anywhere inside. Depending on the firearm, it can be just anywhere, so make sure you have it entirely empty. If it’s not empty, the gun can suddenly take off and potentially hurt someone.

3. Keep Them In A Safe Place

Things To Know About Safely Storing Your Guns

When you go through the details and make sure it is entirely empty, cleaned, and disassembled, you need to store them in a safe place. Some people will keep them just anywhere out of others’ sight, but be sure you need a safe place.

Huge firearm lovers will have an entire room where guns are easily reachable, but only if the visitor has a key to the room. This is an interesting approach, but there’s still a much better solution that protects both guns and people.

The best solution is a gun safe. An item that is specifically designed for storing firearms. It has multiple types of protection, and no one except the person holding the gun can reach them. There are different types, sizes, and models. If you own a gun, the best item to store it in is, without a doubt, the gun is safe.

4. Why Are Gun Safes The Best Solution?

Things To Know About Safely Storing Your Guns

The safe has a lock that is impossible to break. At the same time, the material of the safe is made to repel any kind of intrusion. There’s nearly no force that will go through it. Made of robust thick stainless steel, these safes are the ultimate gun protection.

But why would you want such protection for your firearms? The first and most important reason is the safety of everyone living under the same roof as you. Kids getting their hands on your gun can turn fatally.

Burglars love stealing guns because using them will point to you, and at the same time, they have a great value on the black market. Another thing is hazards that may harm both your home and the guns.

5. What Hazards Are There?

Things To Know About Safely Storing Your Guns

We all have the potential risk of fire, flood, and earthquakes. Some areas of the world are also at risk of tornadoes. All these hazards mean nothing to your belongings if you own one of these safes. They are too heavy to be moved by a flood or tornadoes and are strong enough to withhold any earthquake.

Also, fire may cause probably the worst damage. Bullets are filled with explosive materials, which can easily cause severe problems. With the protection of the safe, this will not be an issue. 


These few points explain what the benefit of owning a gun safe and proper gun protection is. If you’re a gun lover and want perfect storage and safety, you need to mind these points and ensure you protect your firearms properly.

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