Amazonico Mayfair: Irresistible Autumn & Winter Dining

As the chill of autumn descends upon Mayfair, Amazonico unveils an enchanting culinary journey, designed to ignite warmth and delight within your senses throughout the season.

The distinguished chefs at Amazonico have meticulously curated a selection of delectable dishes, each a masterpiece that promises to embrace shorter days and cosier evenings with a symphony of flavours.

Amazonico Mayfair: Irresistible Autumn & Winter Dining

Indulge in the Savoury Delights of Autumn and Winter

Chargrilled Octopus: An Exquisite Medley of Flavours

As the days grow colder, Amazonico’s chargrilled octopus steals the spotlight, enrobed in the smoky embrace of panca chilli. This tantalizing dish is elegantly complemented by a delicate cassava cake and a zesty sour sorrel sauce, ensuring a harmonious fusion of textures and tastes.

Cordero Lechal: A Slow-Cooked Lamb Extravaganza

Embrace the heartwarming essence of the season with Cordero Lechal, a leg of lamb that has been lovingly slow-cooked to perfection. This culinary masterpiece is served alongside pickled red cabbage, offering a symphony of flavours that dance upon your palate.

Cangrejo: The Artistry of Dover Crab

Prepare to be captivated by the artistry of Amazonico’s Cangrejo. A culinary gem, it features Dover crab delicately perched atop a spicy cassava cake, drizzled with tomatillo sauce. This dish is a visual and gastronomic delight that’s almost too beautiful to devour.

Crujiente de Banana: A Grand Finale for the Senses

Conclude your autumn and winter feast with the grand finale – Crujiente de Banana. This exquisite creation boasts a whipped banana ganache crowned with caramelised pecans and accompanied by a luscious chocolate sorbet. It’s a dessert that will leave an indelible mark on your taste buds.

Noche Tardiva: Unveiling the Next Headlining Acts

An Unforgettable Night with DJ Maestros

Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of our Noche Tardiva. On Friday, 22nd September, prepare for an unforgettable night featuring back-to-back performances by three formidable DJs: Mannequine, Marcism, and Andy Faisca.

Amazonico Mayfair: Irresistible Autumn & Winter Dining

DJ Crusy: An Evening of Latin-Tech House Magic

Mark your calendar for Friday, 6th October, as we welcome DJ Crusy, a Spanish phenomenon signed with Toolroom Records. He’ll be serenading the night with his Latin-Tech House beats starting at 11 p.m., while our epic resident DJs warm up the dance floor from 8 p.m. Join us for a night of musical ecstasy!

Exclusive Celebrations: Your Amazonian Escape

Private Dining Rooms: Intimate Elegance

Are you in search of an intimate yet vibrant setting for your next gathering? Look no further than our Private Dining Rooms, which offer an atmosphere reminiscent of a bird’s eye view above the Amazon jungle. Whether you’re hosting 12 or 22 guests, it’s the perfect choice for an unforgettable soirée.

Amazonico Mayfair: Irresistible Autumn & Winter Dining

OCTO: A Lively Soiree Beneath the Stars

For a more laid-back and lively setting, venture down the golden staircase beneath the restaurant to discover OCTO. This unique space boasts a dedicated bar and a DJ booth, ready to elevate your night. With its metallic and teal tones, OCTO can accommodate up to 80 guests for light canapés and cocktails. And for those who wish to revel until dawn, inquire about our late-night license availability.


In conclusion, Amazonico’s Autumn and Winter dining experience in Mayfair is a symphony of culinary excellence and vibrant nightlife. From the exquisite chargrilled octopus to the slow-cooked lamb extravaganza and the artistry of Dover crab, the menu delights the senses and warms the heart during the colder months. Additionally, the Noche Tardiva events with renowned DJs and exclusive celebration spaces like the Private Dining Rooms and OCTO offer unforgettable moments of entertainment and connection. Amazonico is a haven of indulgence, where exceptional flavours and unforgettable memories await.

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