ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

ANJU Restaurant & Bar, the vibrant and innovative Korean dining destination, recently announced their grand entrance into the culinary scene with a soft opening at Elements Mall.

Located in the heart of Civic Square within the Elements Mall at Kowloon Station, ANJU promises a dining experience like no other. With its edgy decor, a playful and vibrant atmosphere, and a menu that reimagines Korean classics, ANJU is poised to become the go-to spot for those seeking a spirited and energetic dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a hearty lunch, a post-work happy hour, or an evening of socializing, ANJU has you covered.

ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

Innovative Korean Cuisine in a Lively Setting

ANJU derives its name from the Korean term for food enjoyed alongside alcoholic beverages at neighbourhood bars. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere is accentuated by colourful statement lighting and captivating murals, creating an inviting and dynamic ambience. ANJU offers a diverse menu of Korean comfort food and a wide array of drinks, all at affordable prices.

ANJU’s culinary team takes traditional Korean favourites and infuses them with a Western twist, incorporating seasonal produce and contemporary cooking techniques to create a range of sharing plates that will tantalize the palate.

The a la carte menu features Galibijang & Jeonbogjang, a fresh take on the popular Korean dish of raw crab marinated in soy-sauce brine, with scallop from Hokkaido, abalone, dried seaweed, and salmon roe. For those craving raw delicacies, the sweet-sour-spicy Chamchi Hoe with tomato gochujang sauce and the Bang-eo Hoe – kingfish wrapped in lettuce alongside avocado purée, watermelon radish, and perilla, offer delectable options.

ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

Start your culinary journey with the Heirloom Tomato, Kimchi & Fresh Burrata Cheese, a refreshing combination of tomatoes and soft cheese seasoned with chives, ginger, kimchi, and sesame oil. The Anju Bibim Gugsu offers a unique twist on the cold-noodle favourite with soba noodles from Jeju Island, plums, cherry tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, perilla, and sesame.

Don’t miss the Kkaennip Mandu (perilla leaf dumpling) with mustard yuzu and a chilli kick or the Jwipo Twigim (filefish fritters) with kimchi mayo for a satisfying crunch. The Kimchi Cheese Goloke (cheese croquette) is another delightful choice.

Signature Dishes

Indulge in Saeu Tteokbokki, a celebration of South Korea’s street-food tradition featuring premium king prawn and imported hand-made rice cakes. For a fusion experience, try the Muneo Gui, where braised octopus caught in Spanish waters is triple-cooked – slow-cooked, pan-fried, then grilled – and accompanied by a corn cake featuring Parmesan cheese and a dipping sauce of fermented chilli.

ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

ANJU’s signature dishes include the must-try Yangnyeom Chicken, where local three-yellow chicken is cooked to crispy perfection and stir-fried with sugar, vinegar, gochujang, and soy for a tangy delight. Another standout is the Samgyeopsal Gui – delicious, fatty grilled belly pork wrapped in lettuce, cabbage, or watermelon radish, complemented by fresh sides.

To end your meal on a sweet note, explore ANJU’s delectable dessert offerings. The Oatmilk Panna Cotta features crunchy cornflakes and fruity persimmon, while the Poached Pear is accompanied by rice wafer, ginger ice cream, dried dates, and almonds. For a unique treat, try the Affogato made with hazelnut ice cream and espresso drizzled with makgeolli, Korea’s milky rice wine, or strawberry-flavoured Chum Churum soju.

ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

ANJU Restaurant & Bar places great emphasis on sourcing top-quality ingredients and seasonings. Kimchi, soy sauce, Korean mirin, gochujang (red chilli paste), chogochujang (red chilli paste with vinegar and sesame), vinegar, and Korean miso are carefully selected from historic and renowned producers in Korea. These ingredients are expertly mixed and matched to enhance the flavours of each dish, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

A Beverage Selection to Satisfy All Tastes

Pair your meal with a wide choice of Korean liqueurs, premium and flavoured soju, Korean beer, somaek (a cocktail of soju and beer), soju bombs, wine, makgeolli (Korean rice wine), and fragrant cocktails crafted to order.

Korea’s beloved fermented rice wine, makgeolli, takes centre stage on ANJU’s imaginative cocktail list. The Kimchi Mary blends gin, soju, sweet vermouth, and lime juice, with fiery kimchi garnish. The Yuzu Soju Mojito combines dark rum, soju, and yuzu syrup, while the Soju Colada features pineapple soju, pineapple chunks, rum, and Yakult. For a playful twist, try the Melona Soju Cocktail, where ice-cream popsicles meet soju in strawberry, melon, or mango flavours.

ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

ANJU also caters to non-alcoholic drinkers with a delightful mocktail selection. The Melona Mocktail features ice-cream lollies in strawberry, melon, or mango, submerged in a magical mix of Yakult, Sprite, and dried fruit. Alternatively, indulge in the refreshing Strawberry & Lychee Soda, Cucumber Kiwi Surprise, or Yuzu Virgin Mojito.

An Inviting Space

The 1,700 sq. ft space at ANJU accommodates approximately 70 people, offering high bar tables, wooden-screened semi-private booths, and a spacious main dining section. The decor is inviting, with red chairs lining a long, classic, black-and-red Korean bar adorned with red neon-lit panels. South Korea’s flag-inspired red and dark blue accents reinforce the cultural identity of the interior. A vivid feature wall adds further splashes of colour to the modern vibe, and the gender-neutral washroom is a highlight with striking murals, mosaics, and neon art.

ANJU Restaurant & Bar: Exciting Debut at Elements Mall

In summary, ANJU Restaurant & Bar promises an unforgettable dining experience that seamlessly blends Korean tradition with contemporary flair. With its innovative menu, extensive beverage selection, and vibrant atmosphere, ANJU is set to become a culinary hotspot in Kowloon Station’s Elements Mall.

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