Annabel’s Bolívar – The New South American Restaurant

Annabel’s, the globally renowned private members’ club, has launched its latest gastronomic venture, Bolívar.

This exciting addition marks a significant milestone in the club’s culinary evolution, offering members and guests a captivating exploration of South American cuisine that celebrates the diverse tapestry of flavours and traditions from the region.

Crafted under the discerning eye of Richard Caring, Co-Executive Chairman of The Birley Clubs, Bolívar embodies the vibrant essence and rustic charm of South America.

Situated on the second floor of the expansive 26,000-square-foot Club, the space has been meticulously redesigned to immerse diners in an authentic and enriching culinary experience.

Drawing inspiration from the culture and landscapes of Latin America, Caring has curated a vibrant yet inviting atmosphere that captivates the senses and transports guests to the heart of the continent.

A Fusion of Ambiance and Tradition

Step into Bolívar and you are greeted by a sensory feast of colours, textures, and aromas. The space is adorned with an eclectic mix of design elements, from an original early 18th Century Antique stone fireplace to bold fiery hues, wooden furnishings, and woven jute accents.

Each detail has been carefully selected to evoke the warmth and hospitality synonymous with South American culture, creating an inviting ambience that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Annabel’s Unveils Bolívar: A Culinary Journey through South America

Whether dining with friends, colleagues, or loved ones, guests at Bolívar are invited to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavours and traditions from across the continent.

Exquisite Steak Offerings

Central to Bolívar’s culinary offering is an exceptional selection of steak dishes, each meticulously chosen to deliver unparalleled quality and flavour. From the succulent Cowboy Steak to the indulgent Wagyu Flat Iron and the robust Brazilian Sirloin, every cut is sourced from the finest producers and expertly grilled in an open-fire oven to perfection.

The result is a symphony of flavours and textures that showcase the natural richness and tenderness of the meat, ensuring a truly memorable dining experience for discerning palates.

While Bolívar is renowned for its exceptional steaks, the menu also features a tantalising array of dishes that highlight the diversity and creativity of South American cuisine.

Guests can indulge in innovative creations such as the Whole Charred Cauliflower Al Pastor, a vegetarian delight bursting with smoky, spicy flavours, or the Beef Tartare with Adobo Peppers and Tlayuda, a savoury sensation that pays homage to traditional Mexican cuisine.

For seafood enthusiasts, the Smoked Chipotle Bearnez and Caviar Oysters offer a luxurious twist on classic favourites, marrying bold flavours with elegant presentation.

Fine Wine Selection

To complement the exquisite flavours of the menu, Bolívar offers an extensive selection of Southern American fine wines, handpicked by knowledgeable sommeliers to elevate the dining experience.

Guests can explore a diverse range of varietals, from the elegant and sophisticated 2005 Viña Almaviva from Chile’s renowned Puente Alto region to the Cheval des Andes, a unique blend that showcases the best of Argentine winemaking traditions.

Each wine is chosen for its distinct character and terroir, offering diners the opportunity to discover new and exciting flavours with every sip.

Agave Spirit Cocktails

In addition to its impressive wine selection, Bolívar boasts an enticing array of agave spirit cocktails that pay homage to the rich cocktail culture of South America. From the zesty Bolivar Margarita to the tropical Batida Tropical and the bold El Libertador, each cocktail is expertly crafted using premium spirits and fresh ingredients, resulting in a symphony of flavours that tantalise the taste buds.

Annabel’s Unveils Bolívar: A Culinary Journey through South America

Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with a sumptuous meal, these cocktails add an extra layer of sophistication and excitement to the dining experience at Bolívar.

Bolívar welcomes guests for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, offering the perfect setting for intimate dinners, celebratory occasions, and everything in between. As the evening unfolds, diners can enjoy the added ambience of live DJs spinning Latino beats every Saturday night, creating a vibrant atmosphere that invites guests to dance the night away.

With its unique blend of exceptional cuisine, fine wines, and lively entertainment, Bolívar promises to be a culinary destination unlike any other.

With its commitment to culinary excellence and a dedication to celebrating the rich heritage of South American cuisine, Bolívar embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines Annabel’s as a leader in the world of private members’ clubs.

In conclusion, Bolívar represents the culmination of Annabel’s dedication to culinary excellence and innovation. Through Richard Caring’s visionary design and a menu curated to showcase the rich tapestry of South American cuisine, the club offers a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

Annabel’s Unveils Bolívar: A Culinary Journey through South America

From the inviting ambience that transports guests to the heart of Latin America to the meticulously crafted dishes that tantalise the taste buds, Bolívar embodies a commitment to authenticity and quality. With its extensive wine selection, tantalising cocktails, and vibrant entertainment, Bolívar invites guests to embark on a gastronomic adventure unlike any other.

Whether indulging in succulent steaks or savouring innovative creations, patrons are sure to leave Bolívar with memories of a culinary experience that transcends expectations.

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