Asprey Unveils Second London Boutique at The Peninsula London

Asprey, the esteemed British purveyor of high-end luxury goods, inaugurated its second London boutique within The Peninsula London Hotel.

This announcement comes as a testament to Asprey’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences to its discerning clientele.

Situated at the prestigious junction of Hyde Park Corner and Wellington Arch, The Peninsula London, with its exquisite British craftsmanship, opened its doors to the public in September 2023.

The hotel boasts 190 impeccably styled guest rooms, luxurious suites, and 25 opulent residences envisioned by Peter Marino.

Exquisite Design and Bespoke Experience

The collaboration between Asprey and The Peninsula London underscores a shared dedication to celebrating the essence of British artistry.

Asprey Unveils Second London Boutique at The Peninsula London

As John Rigas, Asprey’s Chairman, expresses, “The ‘Best of British’ ethos guiding The Peninsula London aligns seamlessly with Asprey’s legacy of crafting unparalleled luxury goods.” This partnership signifies a harmonious union between two brands renowned for their pursuit of excellence and bespoke service.

Designed by Storey Studio, the architectural practice behind Asprey’s flagship store on Bruton Street, Mayfair, the boutique at The Peninsula London epitomises elegance and sophistication.

Spanning 2,293 square feet, the boutique features a captivating corner window offering picturesque views of Hyde Park Corner. Within this space, clients will encounter a seamless blend of traditional retail and immersive experiences, characterised by a soft colour palette and innovative design elements.

An Immersive Journey of Discovery

Robert Storey, the designer at Storey Studio, describes the boutique as a contemporary mansion enveloped in hues of soft purple and pistachio. Customers are invited on a journey of exploration, as Asprey’s exquisite products adorn deconstructed architectural elements and glass displays.

Asprey Unveils Second London Boutique at The Peninsula London

The meticulously curated environment fosters an intimate and engaging shopping experience, transcending the boundaries of traditional retail.

At the heart of the boutique lies a 5-metre-long bar, showcasing Asprey’s iconic barware items and facilitating real-life mixology experiences for exclusive clientele. From jewellery to leather goods, silverware to crystal, Asprey’s masterful creations span an array of product categories.

Notably, the boutique will spotlight the Imperial Jadeite collection, featuring exclusive pieces crafted especially for The Peninsula London, symbolising the brand’s heritage and commitment to innovation.

A Legacy of Luxury

Founded in 1781, Asprey has remained at the forefront of luxury craftsmanship, captivating discerning connoisseurs worldwide with its exceptional offerings.

Asprey Unveils Second London Boutique at The Peninsula London

With a rich heritage rooted in British tradition and a global appeal, Asprey continues to redefine luxury living, offering an unparalleled assortment of jewellery, leather goods, accessories, and more.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Asprey and The Peninsula London heralds a new era of luxury retail, where impeccable craftsmanship meets immersive experiences.

As visitors step into the boutique, they embark on a journey of discovery, guided by the shared values of excellence, innovation, and bespoke service upheld by both brands.

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