Astell&Kern & Vision Ears Unveil the AURA Earphones

In a captivating collaboration between Astell&Kern, the esteemed global audio leader from South Korea, and Vision Ears, the pioneering German in-ear system brand, the world is introduced to the remarkable AURA at High-End Munich 2023.

Renowned for its dedication to producing top-quality IEMs (In-Ear Monitors), Vision Ears has established itself as a market leader through its commitment to technical expertise and meticulously handcrafted craftsmanship. By combining their respective strengths and expertise, these two audio powerhouses have crafted an in-ear monitor that seamlessly merges breathtaking performance with exquisite design.

Astell&Kern & Vision Ears Unveil the AURA Earphones

Impeccable Sound Engineering

Individually handcrafted at Vision Ears‘ headquarters in Cologne, Germany, the AURA boasts two precise 8mm low dynamic drivers and eight balanced armature drivers, delivering a powerful and warm mid-range.

Additionally, a balanced armature super tweeter has been integrated to produce crisp yet delicate high notes. To ensure optimal audio performance, a five-way crossover with special circuitry has been implemented, preventing excessive load on the tweeter and resulting in extended and harmonious highs.

Unparalleled Precision and Vibrancy

The AURA’s audio precision reaches unparalleled levels across all frequencies, thanks to its unique isobaric configuration. By positioning two 8mm dynamic drivers facing each other, the AURA effectively doubles the output volume, offering exceptional accuracy and vibrancy.

Furthermore, a meticulously designed chamber with a precise internal volume maximizes audio precision, while the gleaming aluminium acoustic mesh efficiently circulates air and controls the power of the dynamic drivers.

Uncompromising Luxury

Astell&Kern & Vision Ears Unveil the AURA Earphones

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the AURA embodies luxury and durability. Encased in a corrosion-resistant shell made of high-grade Swiss aluminium, its surface has been meticulously hand-polished to perfection, radiating a premium aesthetic.

The custom dark bronze faceplate at the front features precision-tailored micro-grooves that are thoughtfully treated to prevent oxidisation.

An Array of Premium Accessories

In addition to its exquisite craftsmanship, the AURA offers a range of premium accessory options. The earphones come with masterfully crafted leather carrying cases, designed to perfection, along with earphone pockets and cable clips.

The cables, custom-made by Effect Audio, ensure consistently outstanding audio performance, while their class-leading flexibility guarantees a comfortable fit.

Availability and Pricing

Astell&Kern & Vision Ears Unveil the AURA Earphones

The AURA will be available for purchase at a recommended retail price of £4199/€4799/$4200/$6899 AUD. Customers can find the AURA at or from a selection of trusted retailers.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Astell&Kern and Vision Ears has brought forth the AURA earphones, a true testament to precision, emotion, and unrivalled audio performance. With its meticulously engineered sound, uncompromising luxury, and attention to detail, the AURA stands as a masterpiece in the world of in-ear monitors, captivating audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

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