10 Of The Best Luxury Stores In Madrid

Madrid is one of the cities with the most significant number of luxury stores in Spain. There you can go out for exclusive shopping walks where you can find the most select stores in the world.

It happens that Madrid has always been a city with style and fashion. Outstanding for housing the best boutiques and luxury firms in Spain. Jewelry, fashion, and endless elegant accessories fill the stained glass windows of the fabulous stores around the city.

Madrid´s luxury shopping attracts tourists from around the world; those who, of course, also want to travel to the city to know its history, architecture, culture, and monuments, but always maintaining the objective in purchases!

The same goes for foreign students traveling to learn Spanish. Of all the cities in Spain, most students choose Madrid for the reasons mentioned above. Nothing more beautiful than learning to speak Spanish while you go shopping! If you want to know more about how to learn Spanish in Madrid, you can click here.

Of course, you must be prepared and go with a bulky budget because prices in these luxury stores are not cheap. Therefore, if you are eager to do a luxury shopping while taking a course in a spanish language school madrid, or while on vacation in the city, we recommend that you begin to save.

Enough with introductions; let’s see which are the city’s most select and luxurious stores. Let’s go shopping!

1. Chanel

10 Of The Best Luxury Stores In Madrid

This store is one of the mandatory stops for those who love fashion and luxury. The store windows are an authentic wonder; in which the different assemblies of seasonal campaigns or fashion shows unfold.

They are located in the Salamanca neighborhood, at Ortega y Gasset 16, one of the wealthiest streets in Madrid if we refer to luxury fashion. There, many exclusive brands live together.

2. Dior

Chanel’s neighboring store exhibits many bags from different editions, and its pret-à-porter collection continues to the haute couture collections.

3. The Concept

We are still walking along the Salamanca neighborhood, where most luxury stores are located. In this case, we refer to “The Concept”, a multidisciplinary store whose purpose is to revolutionize the way of dressing.

There you can find exclusive sneakers models, some of them almost impossible to find. But it is not just about sneakers since the premises also sell exclusive collections, such as the last collaboration of The North Face and Gucci.

The last trend in fashion is sneakers, which today have become an object of worship. Here you will find models that are scarce in the market, like the “Air Jordan Dior Low”. Of course, its price varies depending on the serial number and can get to a high figure.


An unparalleled boutique that raises new proposals in its products. Such as the Serpenti Viper ring, which honors the animal spirit of the brand.

A mix of sensuality and sophistication in stunning jewel curls around the finger with the typical sinuousness of a snake.

The Serpenti Seduttori clock is also highlighted, which is covered with diamonds.

10 Of The Best Luxury Stores In Madrid

The new Bvlgari fashion collection, called FW21 Oasis, is inspired by the ability of the snake to mutate its skin. It is a transforming power that is reflected through the combination of large elements, unconventional materials, and cheerful details. Therefore, the last autumn-winter collection is dedicated to women who want to resume their lives to face new projects and adventures.

5. Hermes

A very exclusive and sophisticated store that is located in Galerías Canalejas. This place worships the latest international trends and the most distinguished fashion, seen on the catwalks every season.

This is one of the most respected haute couture boutiques in Madrid. Wearing Hermes shoes is not up to everyone since they are cult pieces with artisanal essence, which makes them become collection objects.

10 Of The Best Luxury Stores In Madrid

6. Philipp Plein

We return to the Salamanca neighborhood, where we find the Philipp Plein store, which transports us from the latest trends of the Milan catwalks to this store in Madrid.

A firm that holds unbridled luxury and an avant-garde style. The brand is recognized for its passion for the extraordinary, beauty, and rock and roll. Its collections are provocative, fun, and highly luxurious, with a unique touch linked to implementing crafts that are not usually part of the industry.

It is one of the most coveted firms that brings us a very eclectic collection with baroque reminiscences.

7. Miu Miu

This store in Serrano Street offers us a new territory related to luxury stores in Madrid.

A selection of pieces ideal for enjoying life at sea. The latest collection, Miu Miu Maritime, focuses on the features of the nautical world. Miu Miu is based on exploration, longing, desire to discover the world and excitement.

Thanks to its fresh, lively, and marine-style garments, this store has become one of the city’s favorite places for fashion lovers.

8. Ekseption

This multi-brand store is where you can find brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Mark Jacobs, among many others. A place dedicated to luxury, which has become one of the fashion icons in Madrid and enjoys excellent international notoriety.

9. OffWhite

The store created by Virgil Abloh is located in the Salamanca neighborhood and has established itself as one of the essential fashion boutiques in the city. It is an urban brand founded in 2009 and has managed to become a benchmark.

OffWhite is part of the new generation of luxury fashion brands and exclusive designers.

10. Prada

10 Of The Best Luxury Stores In Madrid

Located on Serrano Street, the store displays the original garments presented on the catwalks each season, and that causes a furor among fashion lovers.

It is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic firms and the one that sets the latest trends. The store, loaded with dark-colored decorations and dim lights, is lovely and spacious.

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