BaLó: Fusion of High Cuisine in Barcelona

Barcelona’s culinary scene recently reached new heights with the success of BaLó.

This culinary gem, blending Catalan and British traditions in the heart of Barcelona, has been honoured with prestigious accolades such as “CHEF REVELATION 2023” by TIME OUT and the coveted “Bib Gourmand” recognition from the Michelin Guide.

BaLó: Fusion of High Cuisine in Barcelona

Directed by the talented chef duo Lena María Grané and Ricky Smith, BaLó offers a unique culinary experience that seamlessly combines cutting-edge techniques with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Join us on a journey through this gastronomic haven that has captured the palates of even the most discerning foodies.

A Tale of Young Culinary Entrepreneurship

Lena María Grané and Ricky Smith, the masterminds behind BaLó, serve as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs in the culinary world. Their story is a testament to determination and a deep passion for cooking, which swiftly led their restaurant to earn the “CHEF REVELATION 2023” recognition from TIME OUT and the prestigious “Bib Gourmand” distinction bestowed by the Michelin Guide.

BaLó: Fusion of High Cuisine in Barcelona

The story of this chef couple is an example of how entrepreneurial spirit and passion can pave the way to success, even during challenging times. Amidst the pandemic, they took the bold step of opening their own restaurant in Barcelona, and their audacity was swiftly rewarded with high-profile acknowledgements. Their journey is an inspiration to all young individuals dreaming of forging their path in the world of gastronomy.

Their success is rooted in dedication and an insatiable thirst for knowledge—fundamental pillars on which María and Ricky continue to build and grow.

A Unique Culinary Experience in One of the Most Sought-After Restaurants for Foodies

BaLó is more than just a restaurant; it’s a space where Lena María Grané and Ricky Smith’s culinary passion transforms into an unforgettable experience for lovers of fine cuisine.

At BaLó, innovation and fusion lie at the heart of their gastronomic proposal, evident in every dish and corner of the establishment.

This dynamic young chef duo has channelled their extensive international experience to create dishes capable of satisfying even the most adventurous palates. The foundation of their cuisine is quality, proximity, and the freshness of ingredients, some of which are sourced from their own garden. This combination results in unique recipes that vary with the seasons.

Prime Location in Barcelona

BaLó occupies the space of a former dairy on Deu i Mata Street, 141, in Barcelona.

Its design, featuring clean lines and distinctive decor—including paintings and sculptures by urban designers from the United Kingdom—creates a warm and urban ambience.

By day, it’s the perfect place for a meal, while by night, it transforms into an intimate space ideal for an unforgettable evening. Moreover, BaLó boasts a private room that can accommodate up to 10 people, perfect for special celebrations.

The Irresistible Gastronomic Offering at BaLó

BaLó offers a versatile menu tailored to different times of the day. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, offering a midday service (from 13:00 to 16:00) and an evening service (from 20:00 to 23:00). The menu includes three options:

BaLó: Fusion of High Cuisine in Barcelona

Midday Menu: Includes sourdough bread and water for €28 per person.

BaLó Menu: A more comprehensive experience for €55 per person, which can be complemented with a €25 per person wine pairing.

Tasting Menu: The ultimate culinary experience for €80 per person, with the option of a €40 per person wine pairing.

A Wine List That Won’t Disappoint Discerning Tastes

To complement each of BaLó’s exquisite creations, the restaurant offers a comprehensive wine list with over 50 varieties.

From reds to whites, including rosés and sparkling wines, the selection includes Catalan wines of local origin, as well as Spanish wines with Designation of Origin from various regions.