Bentley Crafts Bespoke Yacht Interior For Contest 67CS

In the world of luxury, where excellence and opulence converge, two iconic names have joined forces to create an unparalleled masterpiece.

Bentley Motors, renowned for crafting the epitome of automotive luxury, and Contest Yachts, a prestigious name in the realm of sailing, have embarked on an extraordinary journey of collaboration. The result? A bespoke Bentley yacht interior that graces the newly modelled 20-metre Contest 67CS, an exquisite vessel that symbolizes craft, excellence, tranquillity, and heritage.

Bentley Crafts Bespoke Yacht Interior For Contest 67CS

This exclusive partnership was born from admiration, as Bentley’s discerning client, after a visit to the revered Bentley Crewe Factory, saw the potential for a harmonious fusion of automotive and nautical luxury. The challenge was clear: Bentley’s illustrious design team, experts in creating interiors for their Continental GT and Bentayga, would need to extend their creative prowess to the realm of yachting. The outcome, however, is nothing short of remarkable.

As the bespoke Bentley interior takes its place within the Contest 67CS, it ushers in a new era of luxury yacht customization. Owners now have the privilege of immersing themselves in the shared values and heritage of both Bentley and Contest Yachts, experiencing the pinnacle of luxury, performance, and lifestyle.

Embarking on a Luxury Voyage

The inception of this extraordinary venture took place after a visit to Bentley’s prestigious Crewe Factory. Impressed by the artistry on display, the client commissioned Bentley to fashion a bespoke yacht interior that would mirror the opulence and precision found in Bentley cars.

Drawing upon the expertise of Bentley’s design team, renowned for their work on interiors for the Continental GT and Bentayga, the challenge was embraced wholeheartedly. The outcome? A uniquely tailored interior that embodies the very essence of Bentley’s opulence and sophistication.

Bentley Crafts Bespoke Yacht Interior For Contest 67CS

A Fusion of Elegance and Craftsmanship

The introduction of the Bentley-inspired interior within the Contest 67CS heralds a new era of luxury yacht customization. Owners now have the opportunity to bask in the shared values and heritage of both Bentley and Contest Yachts, experiencing the pinnacle of luxury, performance, and lifestyle.

Collaboration was at the heart of this project, with Bentley closely partnering with Contest Yachts’ design team. Together, they embarked on an exhilarating journey that stretched the boundaries of creativity. Innovative techniques, including 3D printing, were employed to bring intricate components to life. A meticulous mock-up of select items, including a bespoke sofa, was meticulously crafted before the final installation, ensuring impeccable finishes and unwavering quality.

Every detail was meticulously considered, from the meticulous book-matching of Bentley’s iconic diamond-quilted hides throughout the vessel’s interior to the creation of bespoke items such as tissue boxes and drinks coasters, all tailored to the client’s exact preferences. Specialist techniques, like hand cross-stitching, typically reserved for Bentley’s steering wheels, found a new purpose in the yacht’s interior.

Bentley Crafts Bespoke Yacht Interior For Contest 67CS

Bentley’s Signature Touches

Incorporating Bentley Home furnishings into the yacht’s interior was a natural choice. The Malvern Chair, paying homage to the geometries found in Bentley cars, seamlessly blends sophistication and comfort. Furthermore, one-of-a-kind designs were commissioned exclusively for the new Contest 67CS, including a bespoke bar and vanity unit.

The attention to detail extended to the yacht’s Captain’s chair and the ‘Egg’ table, which were individually tailored by Bentley. Even the sofa, meticulously crafted by hand at Bentley’s engineering facility, received the precision finishing touch of Bentley trim.

A Seamless Fusion of Excellence

Arjen Conijn, CEO of Contest Yachts, expresses his enthusiasm for this unique collaboration, saying, “We are delighted to be working with Bentley Motors, adding the option of fully matched Bentley auto and yacht interiors to our portfolio.” He continues, “Previously, for an enthusiast of both Contest and Bentley brands, we styled and fabricated a one-off example of our Contest 59CS.

This new arrangement, though, takes our cooperation to quite another level, creating the option of an additional dedicated line of Bentley-featured Contest Yachts. We hold so many of the same beliefs and ambitions, it totally makes sense to bring our two fantastic ranges of prestigious luxury yachts and autos together.”

Bentley Crafts Bespoke Yacht Interior For Contest 67CS

Dr. Matthias Rabe, Member of the Board for Engineering at Bentley Motors, adds his perspective: “Yacht interiors, like those of our cars, must exhibit precision and attention to detail. While it was a challenge for our design teams to adapt their craft skills to an interior, providing a totally bespoke extension to our automotive interiors for the water, we are delighted with the result. The finished article is a testament to the incredible talent and skill of our craftsmen and women who rose to the challenge and pushed the boundaries of what is possible. It has been a pleasure to work with the Contest Team – we share not only a renowned heritage in performance and luxury but also the desire to continually innovate to provide cleaner, greener efficiencies in our work and production practices and output.”

In this exceptional collaboration between Bentley Motors and Contest Yachts, the contours of luxury and craftsmanship blend seamlessly, forming a masterpiece that sets sail on the Contest 67CS. It’s a testament to the dedication, innovation, and passion that both brands bring to the table. As this bespoke Bentley yacht interior graces the seas, it leaves an indelible mark on the world of luxury yachting, setting a new standard for opulence and excellence.

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