Bentley’s Immersive Transformation: Crewe’s Automotive Odyssey

In a remarkable move, Bentley Motors recently announced that they are raising the bar for customer experiences again, propelling the historic Crewe headquarters into a new era of innovation and engagement.

Scheduled for launch in September 2023, this visionary undertaking is set to captivate visitors with fully immersive and digitally advanced encounters that leave a lasting mark.

Bentley's Immersive Transformation: Crewe's Automotive Odyssey

A New Era Unveiled: Bentley’s Digitally Immersive Transformation

Come 1st September 2023, Bentley’s renowned manufacturing base will unveil an extraordinary transformation, empowering customers to craft their unique Bentley design legacy. This metamorphosis isn’t merely cosmetic; it’s a journey into a digitally immersive, 3D lineage experience that will breathe life into Bentley’s rich narrative spanning generations.

This groundbreaking initiative stands as a testament to Bentley’s ongoing commitment, aligning with its substantial £2.5 billion investment in future product development and the iconic ‘dream factory’ headquarters, which currently employs an impressive workforce of over 4,000 dedicated individuals.

Bentley's Immersive Transformation: Crewe's Automotive Odyssey

Personalised Tour and Creative Enclave

Visitors stepping into Crewe will be greeted by an affable host, orchestrating a tailored factory tour designed to spark inspiration and fuel ideas for their ultimate specification. Within the Excellence Centre for Vehicle Finish, a novel customer experience realm awaits, inviting patrons to partake in the creation of bespoke automotive artistry.

Here, a curated array of the latest paint finishes, sustainable hides, intricate stitching designs, exquisite wood veneers, convertible hoods, sumptuous carpets, and a spectrum of seatbelt variations are at their disposal. Accompanying this array is a team of adept design consultants, primed to advise on harmonious combinations and final aesthetics that culminate in the realisation of a dream car that transcends expectations.

Bentley's Immersive Transformation: Crewe's Automotive Odyssey

Crafting with Finesse: The Artistry of Customisation

Central to the immersive experience is the dedicated wood shop, showcasing an array of more than nine sustainable wood finishes sourced from across the globe. This selection empowers customers to meticulously select their preferred veneers, while simultaneously gaining insight into the intricate process of precision bookmatching and mirror matching that their vehicle’s woodwork undergoes.

Moreover, a lavish palette of bespoke finishes, including stone, carbon fibre, and machine-turned aluminium, invites patrons to elevate their customisation journey to even greater heights.

According to Caren Jochner, Bentley’s Global Head of Brand Experience, “The Home of Bentley stands as a beacon of excellence in production operations and sustainable luxury mobility leadership. It’s not merely a place; it’s an experience to be savoured and celebrated. Our investment has been profound, aligning with our commitment to delivering the calibre of service our clients anticipate. What we’re unveiling now are interactive and immersive solutions that foster learning, interaction, and the creation of a personal legacy, affording patrons the privilege to invest in a fragment of Bentley’s storied history.”

Bentley's Immersive Transformation: Crewe's Automotive Odyssey

She further adds, “At our customer experience haven, CW1 House, patrons are enveloped in an exclusive environment that radiates the essence of Bentley. The prowess and passion of our craftspeople, who masterfully manipulate the finest materials, now converge with immersive digital innovations. The 180-degree show in Lineage and the cutting-edge Phygital Table redefine possibilities, allowing clients to customise their factory tour using touch screen technology.”

Embarking on a Sustainable Odyssey: Beyond100

Looking ahead, Bentley is resolute in its commitment to sustainability. With a firm goal to achieve carbon positivity by 2030, the already carbon-neutral Bentley factory is poised for a remarkable transformation. This progressive evolution extends across the product portfolio, the Crewe campus, and a greenfield facility. The objective is clear: establishing benchmark production operations and assert supremacy in sustainable luxury mobility.

A pivotal aspect of this journey is the development and construction of Bentley’s inaugural Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV), a testament to the brand’s innovation and forward-thinking ethos. The new Factory Tour doesn’t merely chronicle these strides; it champions sustainability at every juncture, showcasing ethically sourced materials, harnessing solar energy, preserving the environment through on-site planting, and nurturing a burgeoning Bentley Bee family, ensuring a greener future for all.

In closing, Bentley Motors is ushering in an era where history, craftsmanship, and sustainability converge seamlessly. With the launch of these immersive experiences at its Crewe headquarters, Bentley invites the world to step into a realm where automotive aspirations are woven into reality, heritage is cherished, and the road to tomorrow is charted with ecological integrity.

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