Bentley Environmental Foundation Welcomes New Partners

The Bentley Environmental Foundation, a groundbreaking £3 million initiative committed to seeking innovative solutions to environmental challenges, recently unveiled two esteemed partners.

Joining forces with the foundation’s three founding partners, The Climate Group and The Rivers Trust will bolster Bentley’s enduring dedication to fortify global sustainability initiatives.

Strengthening Global Sustainability Initiatives

The Bentley Environmental Foundation pioneers a distinctive approach to contemporary grant allocation within the environmental sphere. Its objective extends beyond mere carbon neutrality, striving for rejuvenation and regeneration. The Climate Group, an international non-profit organisation renowned for its collaborative approach in expediting climate action, and The Rivers Trust, a prominent movement dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing rivers, including the Valley Brook River in Bentley’s hometown of Crewe, UK, exemplify the foundation’s mission.

Christoph Hohmann, Head of Brand Communications and overseer of the Bentley Environmental Foundation, shares his insights into this significant development: “The Environmental Foundation’s aim is to fund diverse, trailblazing initiatives that catalyze change and generate substantial international and local impact. The Climate Group and The Rivers Trust perfectly encapsulate this endeavour as we continue to drive transformative change to mitigate the effects of climate change in our communities.”

He further expresses enthusiasm about the addition of the new partners, affirming, “We are thrilled to welcome The Climate Group and The Rivers Trust to the Bentley Environmental Foundation, alongside our existing partners. The collaboration between these organisations and Bentley mirrors our brand’s DNA and our unwavering commitment to supporting sustainability projects that instigate change and foster significant environmental impact on a global scale.”

Direct Support from Bentley

Bentley is actively supporting the Foundation by making an initial donation of £3 million this year. This serves as an inaugural step to assist carefully chosen charities and non-profit entities that will collaborate with Bentley to deliver enduring and effective environmental change. Among the three founding partners are Project Drawdown, The Biomimicry Institute, and Sustainable Surf. Detailed information on the new partners follows:

The Climate Group

Bentley Environmental Foundation Welcomes New Partners

The Climate Group operates on an international scale, collaborating with leading businesses, states, and regions to propel the world towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and enhanced prosperity for all. Their focus lies in ambitious climate action through cooperative programs with corporate and governmental partners, resulting in global impact.

The Climate Group fosters action among businesses, states, and regions by uniting them to formulate and execute policies that drive tangible change. Furthermore, they communicate their achievements to garner global public endorsement for a prosperous, net-zero future for all. The Climate Group, as an international non-profit organisation, maintains offices in London, New Delhi, and New York.

The Bentley Environmental Foundation will be lending its support to The Climate Group’s ‘Future Fund’ through projects in Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa. This support aims to ensure emerging economies gain equitable access to global resources, enabling them to expedite the transition to a world with warming well below 2°C.

The Rivers Trust

The Rivers Trust consists of conservation experts armed with a wealth of data. Collaborating with member trusts across England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, they strive to transform their shared vision into reality: thriving, natural rivers cherished by all.

Their mission centres on nurturing life in and around rivers. The Trust partners with farmers, governments, and businesses, providing counsel and resources for local communities. A noteworthy project pertains to the Valley Brook River in Bentley’s hometown of Crewe.

The Bentley Environmental Foundation will be backing The Rivers Trust in its efforts to preserve and enhance the Valley Brook River in Crewe. Additionally, it will bolster the capacity, expertise, and environmental skills required to perpetuate long-term environmental enhancements in the area.

Bentley Environmental Foundation Welcomes New Partners

Bentley Environment Foundation: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Together, these five partners constitute the Bentley Environmental Foundation, with more collaborators set to join in the future. The foundation employs a three-pronged strategy for grant allocation, encompassing the acceleration of decarbonisation (‘drawdown’), support for environmental change-makers, and the reimagining of sustainable luxury. Strategic guidance from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), a not-for-profit organisation with nearly a century of philanthropic expertise, underpins the foundation’s formation.

The Foundation, which extends grants to charitable organisations, operates on a Funding Plus model, leveraging the company’s reach and reputation to promote environmental innovation that might otherwise go unnoticed. It harnesses cutting-edge technologies to combat climate change rapidly and effectively.

In conclusion, the Bentley Environmental Foundation’s collaboration with The Climate Group and The Rivers Trust represents a significant stride towards driving global sustainability initiatives. These partnerships reaffirm Bentley’s unwavering commitment to effecting positive change in the realm of environmental conservation, both locally and worldwide.

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