Bentley Unveils Second Annual Sustainability Report

Bentley Motors has unveiled its highly anticipated second annual Sustainability Report.

This extensive 125-page document stands as a testament to Bentley’s unwavering commitment to spearheading the global transition towards sustainable luxury mobility.

With a steadfast focus on achieving end-to-end carbon neutrality by the culmination of the decade, the report provides an insightful glimpse into the brand’s remarkable achievements throughout 2023.

Moreover, it shines a spotlight on the array of innovative initiatives and programmes meticulously designed to support the more than 4,000 dedicated colleagues employed at the carbon-neutral factory situated in Crewe, the epicentre of Bentley’s manufacturing prowess.

A Vision for Sustainability

The newly revealed Sustainability Report encapsulates Bentley’s bold vision for a sustainable future, meticulously examining every facet of the business landscape.

Bentley Motors Unveils Second Annual Sustainability Report

Beyond mere carbon neutrality goals, Bentley’s commitment extends towards fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. It delves into the intricate intricacies of sustainable practices, offering a comprehensive overview of the brand’s sustainable supply chain management, waste reduction strategies, and eco-conscious manufacturing processes.

By prioritising sustainability at every juncture, Bentley underscores its unwavering dedication to shaping a future where luxury and environmental consciousness seamlessly coalesce.

Investing in People

At the heart of Bentley’s sustainability journey lies a profound commitment to nurturing its most invaluable asset – its people. The Sustainability Report underscores Bentley’s concerted efforts to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive work environment at its Crewe headquarters.

Bentley Motors Unveils Second Annual Sustainability Report

Through the implementation of the innovative People Strategy, colleagues are empowered to thrive within a revitalised high-performance culture that prioritises holistic wellbeing.

From health and wellness initiatives to comprehensive mentorship programmes, Bentley’s holistic approach to employee development fosters a sense of purpose and belonging among its workforce.

Moreover, the report sheds light on Bentley’s forward-thinking Future Skills and Colleague Development programme, designed to equip employees with the requisite skills for navigating the transition towards an all-electric vehicle range seamlessly.

Community Engagement and Environmental Stewardship

Bentley’s commitment to sustainability transcends the confines of its operational purview, extending towards fostering meaningful community engagement and environmental stewardship.

The report unveils Bentley’s groundbreaking Advancing Life Chances (ALC) strategy, meticulously tailored to address pressing social issues within the Crewe locality through targeted community investment packages.

Bentley Motors Unveils Second Annual Sustainability Report

Moreover, the establishment of the Bentley Environment Foundation underscores the brand’s unwavering dedication to supporting co-created environmental projects that transcend conventional carbon neutrality initiatives. By inspiring rejuvenation and regeneration within the community, Bentley reaffirms its status as a responsible corporate citizen committed to driving positive change.

Jan-Henrik Lafrentz, Member of the Board for Finance and IT at Bentley Motors lauded the collaborative efforts of Bentley’s Sustainability Council in propelling the company towards its ambitious Beyond100 strategy. His remarks underscore the pivotal role played by cross-functional collaboration in driving sustainable innovation and transformation within the organization.

Furthermore, Dr Nicholas Garrett, Director and Co-Founder of RCS Global Group – An SLR Company, emphasized the catalytic role of the Sustainability Council in shaping Bentley’s sustainability agenda, highlighting the imperative of transparency and accountability in fostering stakeholder trust.

Dr Andrew Dent, EVP of Materials Research at Material ConneXion and a member of Bentley’s Sustainability Council echoed similar sentiments, commending Bentley’s steadfast commitment to clarity, transparency, and ambitious sustainability goals.

Bentley Motors Unveils Second Annual Sustainability Report


In conclusion, Bentley Motors’ second annual Sustainability Report serves as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of sustainable luxury mobility. By intertwining innovation, collaboration, and corporate responsibility, Bentley reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the automotive industry.

As the brand charts a course towards a more sustainable and regenerative future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive change and leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape of luxury mobility.

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