Bentley Motors & Supriya Lele’s Fashion Fusion

In a remarkable showcase of craft, heritage, and artistic fusion, Bentley Motors has joined forces with the renowned fashion designer Supriya Lele.

Her unique blend of sensuality and exploration of British and Indian heritage has garnered her accolades in the fashion world. This partnership has led to the creation of three exquisite concept garments, using leather off-cuts sourced from Bentley Motors’ iconic factory in Crewe. These groundbreaking pieces were exclusively unveiled at Supriya Lele’s London Fashion Week show, marking her return to the catwalk for the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

Bentley Motors & Supriya Lele's Fashion Fusion

Exploring Craftsmanship and Heritage

This collaboration between Bentley Motors and Supriya Lele is a testament to shared values and ideologies. Both entities are synonymous with craft, excellence, heritage, and quiet luxury. Bentley’s rich history and exceptional prowess in automotive craftsmanship resonate with Lele’s artistic vision.

Supriya Lele expressed her excitement about working with Bentley, describing it as an “incredible heritage car manufacturer” known for its unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Her visit to the Crewe headquarters offered a firsthand glimpse into Bentley’s unique and fascinating manufacturing methods, which she likened to an elevated couture atelier.

Bentley Motors & Supriya Lele's Fashion Fusion

The Genesis of Three Unique Garments

During her visit to Bentley’s headquarters, Supriya Lele was inspired to conceive three distinctive garment designs. Her goal was to capture the essence of the premium leather and uphold its quality while seamlessly integrating these pieces into her broader collection, which had evolved over the past year.

The collection features a striking blue jacket, a corset bra, and a belt, each exuding strength, tension, and modernity. These garments are crafted from leather hides named Camel and Light Blue, sourced from Mulliner. This choice of materials not only reflects the affinity of both brands for colour but also symbolizes the merging of heritage with a forward-thinking, contemporary approach in a new medium, as Lele passionately explained.

Bentley Motors & Supriya Lele's Fashion Fusion

Bentley’s Perspective

Jai Bolar, Head of Design Strategy and Innovation at Bentley, was effusive in his praise for Supriya Lele’s artistic talents. He described her as a gifted artist who draws inspiration from her Indian heritage and British design expertise to create captivating pieces. Bentley was thrilled to support her talent through this unique project, which repurposes leather off-cuts from their production process to fashion inspirational garments deeply rooted in shared design values and principles.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Bentley Motors and Supriya Lele represents a harmonious convergence of automotive excellence and fashion innovation. The fusion of craft, heritage, and modernity has given rise to a collection of garments that not only pay homage to Bentley’s legacy but also push the boundaries of artistic expression. Supriya Lele’s remarkable creations serve as a testament to the enduring allure of craftsmanship and the endless possibilities of collaboration between industries.

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