Best Ammunition Companies In The World

There are dozens of ammo brands out there, but which ones are at the forefront of the industry? Here’s the list of the 5 best ammunition companies worldwide.

The Biggest Ammo Producers In The World

There are many examples of industries intertwined so closely they might be considered a single unit. The success of one is the success of the other, and both share all the challenges that come across either them. Firearms and ammunition go hand in hand and have been doing so since the dawn of the industry. The two halves of a single whole, are nonetheless different.

There is a distinct dividing line between the brands specializing in firearm making and those focusing on ammo production. It hasn’t always been so: there are a few examples of companies that combined the two activities, but as of now, for the most part, it’s a thing of the past. There is no telling if there are more firearm manufacturers or ammunition producers. One thing is certain, though – both markets are as crowded as downtown during rush hour. But unlike your usual traffic jam, such an abundance of brands is undoubtedly a good thing.

Competitiveness encourages companies to constantly improve their products and come up with new solutions for existing problems. As with everything in life, some companies are more successful at this than others. Which companies are marching at the head of the convoy of the ammunition brands?

Who produces ammo appraised by millions of shooters all across the states and the whole world? Here’s the list of the best ammunition brands whose reputation is indisputable and whose products are more eloquent than any words. 

Best Ammunition Companies In The World

Federal Premium

America is a country with the highest estimated number of firearms in civilian possession, so it comes as no surprise that American companies should crown the list of the most prominent ammunition manufacturers. Federal Premium Ammunition is an industry giant whose ammunition can be found in almost every place where ammo is sold (unless it was purposefully replaced or already sold out).

The best word to describe its popularity would probably be omnipresent, and there is a good reason why the brand’s products are in such high demand.

With a hundred years worth of experience behind its back, the brand attracts customers with both quality and plenitude. Its portfolio includes rifle and handgun centerfire ammo, shotgun shells, and rimfire ammo, so there is basically nothing this brand cannot provide an ammo seeker with. The variety doesn’t stop on firearm types: Federal manufactures ammo for all shooting purposes, including hunting, self-defense, competitive shooting, casual plinking, and whatnot.

If you need shotgun shells, the Vital Shock, Power Shock, and Prairie Storm series are at your service. The brand’s renowned Turkey Loads shell line is favored by gobbler hunters and is available in all the most popular gauges. Those looking for centerfire ammo for rifles can choose from the brand’s signature American Eagle, Power Shock, Golden Medal, and Premium Safari lines.

Be it .308 Winchester, 300 AAC, or .7.62×39 ammo or cartridges for some of the less popular calibers, Federal Premium got you covered.

And that’s not including the brand’s renowned series of self-defense hollow-point cartridges for handguns, Federal Premium HST, and Hydrashock. Whatever type of ammo you choose to try, its performance is bound to be nothing short of exemplary.

Best Ammunition Companies In The World


Remington’s story is of rises and falls, so numerous and dramatic that it’s not clear whether the brand is destined for greatness or doomed to be cast into oblivion. If anything, it’s high time the company placed a phoenix on its logo, for no other metaphor is more suited to describe Remington’s bumpy road. More than 200 years of presence in the market made Remington a true legend, inseparable from the history of the ammunition industry.

The brand supplied the American military through a number of wars, including the Civil War and both World Wars. Remington also went down in history as the developer of .223 ammo, one of the most popular common use cartridges widely produced by all the major firearm manufacturers (Remington included, of course).

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st were not merciful to the brand. It filed for bankruptcy protection twice between 2018 and 2020. But what seemed like the end of an age-old company was only a new beginning.

Remington’s ammunition business and the brand name were acquired by Vista Outdoors, the company that owns Federal Premium as well as the next brand mentioned on this list. Under the patronage of America’s biggest “house of brands”, Remington got a second wind and a chance to reclaim its place among the industry leaders.

The brand produces rimfire cartridges, shotgun shells, and centerfire rifle ammo as parts of Remington Core Lokt, UMC, and Premier lines.

Remington ammo continues the legacy of the industry legend, bolstered by the expertise of a newly-founded but already prominent shooting sports company.

Best Ammunition Companies In The World


The third in the line of Vista Outdoors ammo-producing siblings, CCI boasts unparalleled expertise in rimfire ammunition. The brand had more than 70 years to hone its production techniques and spend every minute of that time mastering its craft. The results couldn’t be more eloquent: CCI Standard Velocity and Stinger ammo series hold the leading positions on the lists of most popular rimfire cartridges.

The .22LR and .17HMR cartridges are the brand’s strong points, but their production line is not restricted to rimfire only. The CCI Blazer Brass series of centerfire handgun ammo enjoys the reputation of an affordable practice round. You won’t find any boxes of rifle cartridges or shotgun shells featuring the brand’s logo, but when it comes to rimfire ammo, CCI is second to none.

Best Ammunition Companies In The World


You will see Hornady on every list of the biggest ammo producers in the USA. We want t go further and place this brand on the list of the world’s best ammunition companies. Hornady is known first and foremost as a producer of top-notch hunting rounds, which is not surprising when you look at the brand’s history. At the beginning of its path, the brand repurposed excess ammunition and spent casings left from WWII for hunting and target practicing.

The Hornady American Whitetail rifle ammo series combines generations of ballistics know-how with modern components and technologies, which makes it a perfect round for taking down the buck of a lifetime. The Hornady Precision Hunter and Dangerous Game series are some other examples that prove the company’s mastery in the field of hunting ammo. The brand also manufactures ammo for other categories of shooters.

The Hornady Critical Defense line covers both rifle and handgun calibers most frequently used for self-defense firearms and is considered one of the best hollow point options on the market. If you want to play it safe, Hornady is always a solid choice.

Best Ammunition Companies In The World


It would be somewhat biased of us not to include any non-American ammo producers on the list of the world’s biggest manufacturers. It’s not us, there are just quite a number of brands that deserve mentioning, that’s all. Fiocchi, as you might guess from its name, is an Italian company that had stood the test of the European market before joining the big league.

Ammunition has been the brand’s focus since its foundation in 1876, so they had plenty of time to learn all the nuances of the trade. As to the company’s most notable products, there are at least two series whose performance is not inferior to other brands’ signature products. Fiocchi Golden Pheasant is the ultimate cartridge for upland hunting, and Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics line of centerfire rifle and handgun ammo shine at both personal defense scenarios and precision shooting.

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