AIRSIDE Grand Opening: Cafe Deco Group’s Culinary Extravaganza

Cafe Deco Group, a trailblazer in Hong Kong’s hospitality scene, is poised to redefine dining experiences with the grand unveiling of AIRSIDE Mall in Kai Tak this mid-September 2023.

This visionary development promises an assortment of dynamic dining experiences that are set to captivate both locals and visitors alike. The ensemble includes esteemed names imported from Japan and introduces a contemporary European restaurant alongside an exclusive boutique cakery, creating an enticing gastronomic haven.

AIRSIDE Grand Opening: Cafe Deco Group's Culinary Extravaganza

Diners will be treated to a tantalising array of four new culinary brands that embrace diverse tastes and culinary traditions. Leading the ensemble is the iconic AIRSIDE Cafe, accompanied by its counterpart, AIRSIDE Pâtisserie. Adding an international flair are Nana’s Green Tea, a contemporary Japanese teahouse, and Uogashi Nihonichi, a trendy standing sushi bar. An additional treat is the third Hong Kong branch of Japan’s beloved Kyoto Katsugyu, famed for its succulent fried steak cutlets.

Japanese Tea Elegance & Elevated Sushi Pleasures

Nana’s Green Tea, a pioneer of the contemporary Japanese tearoom movement, is making its Hong Kong debut. With over 76 outlets across Japan, North America, Taiwan, and Singapore since its Tokyo launch in 2006, the brand’s success hinges on its infusion of matcha green tea powder into delightful drinks, sweets, and an array of comforting Japanese staples. The commitment to hospitality shines through with offerings sourced from the historic tea studio Yamamasa Koyamaen in Kyoto.

AIRSIDE Grand Opening: Cafe Deco Group's Culinary Extravaganza

Uogashi Nihonichi, a beacon of fresh fish specialisation, presents an authentic and lively take on sushi. This casual yet convivial space offers an array of exquisitely prepared Edomae morsels enjoyed while standing at the counter. With almost 700 sq. ft. of space, Uogashi Nihonichi presents a cosy environment that can accommodate 15 patrons around the central bar. Its dedication to showcasing the natural freshness of fish takes centre stage, alongside premium sake options and a unique selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

AIRSIDE Cafe: Innovative European Delights

Positioned at the heart of the AIRSIDE atrium, AIRSIDE Cafe embodies Cafe Deco Group’s innovative spirit. The restaurant’s modern European cuisine combines creativity with affordability, resulting in a delightful culinary journey. With signature dishes such as the AIRSIDE Seafood Platter and Date-glazed Tongue, the menu offers an inventive blend of prime ingredients and exceptional presentation. The inviting space, with room for 116 diners, is illuminated by natural light filtering through its glass roof, making it an idyllic retreat.

AIRSIDE Grand Opening: Cafe Deco Group's Culinary Extravaganza

Nestled within the AIRSIDE Cafe, AIRSIDE Pâtisserie presents a boutique cakeshop brimming with handcrafted confectionery. Offering an array of mini and large cakes, this confectionery haven caters to both spontaneous indulgence and planned celebrations. These delectable treats are crafted with the finest ingredients and reflect a harmonious blend of creativity and tradition.

Kyoto Katsugyu: Refined Gyukatsu Sensation

Kyoto Katsugyu, renowned for its exquisite gyukatsu – breaded and deep-fried beef cutlet – brings its distinctive taste to AIRSIDE. With a mastery of panko-coating techniques and an exceptional selection of premium wagyu, Kyoto Katsugyu elevates dining experiences. The restaurant’s commitment to providing a unique gyukatsu journey is underscored by a vibrant array of condiments, each adding a distinct touch to the culinary adventure.

AIRSIDE Grand Opening: Cafe Deco Group's Culinary Extravaganza

This illustrious culinary haven is brought to life by Cafe Deco Group, a prominent player in Hong Kong’s hospitality landscape. With over 25 restaurants and bars across Hong Kong and Sydney, the group is dedicated to promoting sustainability within the industry. This aligns seamlessly with AIRSIDE’s ethos, as the commercial and lifestyle hub is developed by Nan Fung Group with a focus on sustainable practices. The location, situated near Kai Tak MTR station and the Kai Tai Sports Park, holds the distinction of being Hong Kong’s first building to earn the world’s five most esteemed green-building certifications.

As AIRSIDE takes its place as a beacon of culinary excellence, patrons can anticipate a remarkable fusion of tastes, traditions, and innovation within its vibrant spaces. This grand launch marks a new chapter in Hong Kong’s dining scene, inviting all to savour its diverse culinary tapestry and to embrace a sustainable future.

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