Le Beaulieu: Culinary Excellence in Vietnam

In a momentous achievement for Le Beaulieu, the prestigious modern French fine dining establishment situated at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, the restaurant has clinched a coveted spot among Vietnam’s Top 25 restaurants in the revered Robb Report Gourmet Collection 2023.

This noteworthy recognition, unveiled on November 28 in Ho Chi Minh City, positions Le Beaulieu in esteemed company, standing alongside other luminaries acknowledged by the Michelin Guide, the globally acknowledged pinnacle of fine dining standards.

A Symphony of French Culinary Mastery

At the heart of this accolade lies Le Beaulieu’s commitment to modern French gastronomy, harmonizing classical French flavours with an unwavering focus on seasonality and premium ingredients.

Le Beaulieu: Culinary Excellence in Vietnam

The restaurant’s inventive culinary and service approach is driven by the visionary Chef de Cuisine Charles Degrendele. While rooted in tradition, the presentation is distinguished by its stylish aesthetics, offering well-balanced portions crafted from fresh produce sourced from France, Vietnam, and beyond.

Chef Charles Degrendele’s latest tasting menu at Le Beaulieu encapsulates his culinary philosophy in three words: sustainable, innovative, and simple. Each dish unfolds as a chapter in a culinary narrative, meticulously curated to ensure a seamless progression of textures and flavours.

This commitment to a narrative culinary experience sets Le Beaulieu apart in the gastronomic landscape.

Timeless Elegance: Le Beaulieu’s Resplendent Revival

The year 2022 witnessed the grand renaissance of Le Beaulieu and its refined al fresco counterpart, La Terrasse, following an extensive refurbishment. The restaurant now boasts an elegant and sophisticated design that complements its renowned French gastronomy and an extensive selection of wines.

Le Beaulieu: Culinary Excellence in Vietnam

Operating steadfastly in its current space since 1901, Le Beaulieu proudly holds the distinction of being the oldest continually operating restaurant in Vietnam. This legacy underscores the restaurant’s enduring commitment to delivering an unparalleled dining experience, blending tradition with contemporary culinary innovation.

A Vinous Haven: Le Beaulieu’s Extensive Wine Collection

Notably, Le Beaulieu stands as a custodian of one of the most extensive wine collections in Hanoi, featuring over 600 references and 1,600 bottles. This impressive assortment includes over 100 Grand Cru Classés and a curated selection of wines from distinguished chateaux, vintners, and wineries from France and across the globe.

The restaurant’s service staff, well-versed in oenology, leverage their expertise to provide discerning patrons with expert pairing recommendations.

Le Beaulieu: Culinary Excellence in Vietnam

In conclusion, Le Beaulieu’s recognition in the Robb Report Gourmet Collection 2023 not only affirms its status as a culinary luminary but also highlights its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

As it continues to push the boundaries of gastronomic artistry, Le Beaulieu stands as a beacon in Vietnam’s high-end culinary scene, offering patrons a remarkable journey through the timeless allure of French fine dining.

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