Christina’s Culinary Evolution Under Chef Kenny Huang

Christina’s, nestled within the chic Mondrian Singapore Duxton, stands as a testament to culinary innovation under the expert guidance of Chef Kenny Huang.

With a new menu change, Christina’s offers an elevated dining experience that combines Asian and Mediterranean flavours with a kick, setting a new benchmark for Singapore’s food scene.

A Haven of Culinary Creativity

Beyond being a mere dining establishment, Christina’s embodies a sanctuary where culinary creativity flourishes amidst the elegant backdrop of Mondrian Singapore Duxton.

Christina’s Culinary Evolution Under Chef Kenny Huang

From dawn till dusk, the venue’s inviting ambience beckons both locals and travellers alike, offering a serene escape from the bustling city streets. Here, patrons are encouraged to embrace a sense of openness and adventure, as they embark on a gastronomic voyage curated by Chef Kenny Huang.

Daytime: A Flavour Symphony

As the sun shines in on Christina’s, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the space, enticing early risers and coffee lovers. With a selection of specialty blends crafted by award winning baristas, every cup is a tale of skill and love.

With a selection of breakfast favourites including the decadent Chili Crab Scrambled Eggs and the fragrant Shakshouka, Christina’s is a morning of indulgence and sensory pleasure.

Chef Kenny Huang: A Culinary Maestro

At the heart of Christina’s culinary renaissance lies Chef Kenny Huang, a visionary whose culinary odyssey spans continents and cultures. Drawing inspiration from his rich familial heritage and globetrotting adventures, Chef Kenny infuses each dish with a symphony of flavours that pay homage to tradition while embracing innovation.

Christina’s Culinary Evolution Under Chef Kenny Huang

With a background in Michelin-starred restaurants and award winning establishments, Chef Kenny brings his skills and imagination to Christina’s and takes dining to new levels.

Rooted in his family’s culinary legacy, Chef Kenny’s menu is a testament to the traditions and flavours that have shaped his culinary identity. From succulent Wood-fired Mac & Cheese to delicate Tuna Tartare with Caviar, each dish reflects Chef Kenny’s mastery of technique and his unwavering commitment to quality.

By combining the bold flavours of Mediterranean cuisine with the spices of Asia, Chef Kenny takes you on a journey of heritage and modernity.

Shared Moments: The Joy of Dining Together

At Christina’s, dining is more than just eating; it’s a shared experience that brings people together. From intimate dinner parties to big nights out, the menu is designed for sharing, with dishes to be devoured together.

Christina’s Culinary Evolution Under Chef Kenny Huang

As glasses chime and laughter fills the air, Christina’s is a space where memories are made and friendships are formed over good food and good company.

Among the culinary treasures awaiting patrons at Christina’s are Chef Kenny’s signature creations, each crafted with precision and care to tantalize the taste buds and ignite the imagination.

From succulent King Prawns infused with a tantalizing blend of chilli, coriander, and lime to the crisp-skinned sustainable seabass paired with refreshing fennel and olive salad, each dish is a testament to Chef Kenny’s culinary prowess and his dedication to excellence.

With every bite, patrons embark on a culinary odyssey that celebrates the richness of flavour and the artistry of presentation.

Sweet Temptations: Indulge Your Senses

No meal at Christina’s is complete without a sweet treat. From the smoky charm of smoked yuzu caramel churros to the tropical joy of grilled pineapple with smoked ice cream, every dessert is a flavour and texture sensation.

Crafted with precision and flair, these sweet indulgences serve as a fitting conclusion to a memorable dining experience, leaving patrons craving for more.

To accompany your culinary journey, Christina’s has an extensive wine and cocktail list, carefully curated to enhance your dining experience. From cocktails with Orientalist gunpowder gin and fresh strawberries to nostalgic drinks that remind you of summers past, every drink is a work of art created by the bartenders.

Christina’s Culinary Evolution Under Chef Kenny Huang

With every sip, patrons are transported on a sensory adventure that enhances their dining experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Making Memories, One Dish at a Time

Chef Kenny sums up his culinary philosophy as food, fun and family, that’s Christina’s in a nutshell. With every dish he invites you to join him on a flavour journey and make memories that will last long after the meal is over.

At Christina’s, Chef Kenny’s vision is reality, good food, good company and shared memories.


In the vibrant tapestry of Singapore’s culinary scene, Christina’s at Mondrian Singapore Duxton shines as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Under the visionary leadership of Chef Kenny Huang, Christina’s has undergone a remarkable evolution, redefining the boundaries of taste and creativity.

From its inviting ambience to its meticulously curated menu, Christina’s offers a dining experience unlike any other—a symphony of tradition and innovation that celebrates the richness of flavour, the artistry of presentation, and the joy of shared moments.

As patrons linger over their final bites and last sips, they depart with more than just satisfied appetites; they carry with them memories of culinary delight and the promise of future gastronomic adventures.

Christina’s at Mondrian Singapore Duxton is more than just a restaurant; it is a culinary sanctuary—a place where food, fun, and family converge to create unforgettable experiences that linger long after the meal has ended.

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