The Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health: Top 7 Useful Properties

Why do we love coffee so much? For the pleasant taste and for the vivacity that this drink gives. However, it happens that coffee seems to stop working – on the contrary, it seems that after some time after drinking coffee, it starts to make you sleepy. Why is this happening? How to drink coffee so that it gives energy, and does not take away, we tell in this article.

The Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health: Top 7 Useful Properties

According to the doctor, the tradition itself to start the morning with coffee is not entirely correct. If a person is not able to wake up and recover without additional stimulants, he needs to understand what is wrong. There are several possible reasons for a broken state in the morning:

  • the wrong daily routine (or there is no regime at all as such);
  • slept too little;
  • went to bed too late;
  • went to bed with a full stomach.

If you constantly sleep poorly or get up tired in the morning for unknown reasons, you need to go to the doctors for examinations and look for the source of the problem, and not drink coffee in the hope of at least a little cheer up.

But when is the best time to drink coffee? As Pavlova notes in her telegram channel, after drinking coffee in the morning, we sort of borrow energy from our body and brain. If you take such a loan constantly, you can exhaust both the nervous and endocrine systems. And in the morning our body can do without this loan.

The Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health: Top 7 Useful Properties

– When you wake up, it is better to raise your energy with exercises or a short walk. According to doctors’ advice, it is better to drink coffee after dinner, when your batteries run out. Besides, doctors suggest drinking coffee with vitamins, one the example is collagen coffee.

The Best Hour For Coffee

However, not everyone agrees with the concept of coffee for lunch. American researchers from the Uniformed Services University in Maryland have calculated the period of time during which drinking coffee brings the greatest benefit to the body.

To calculate this parameter, experts used data on the interaction of caffeine with the hormone cortisol, which helps our body regulate the internal clock and provides a feeling of cheerfulness. It turned out that the best time to drink coffee is from 9.30 to 11.30 in the morning.

The Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health: Top 7 Useful Properties

What doctors and scientists agree on is that you should not drink coffee immediately after waking up. The fact is that there is so much cortisol in the blood at this point in time. If you also drink an invigorating drink at this moment, then over time tolerance to caffeine will develop – and then in order to feel awake, you will have to drink more and more coffee.

A Little About Caffeine

The main active ingredient in coffee is caffeine. It is commonly used as a stimulant. Caffeine leads to increased excitation processes in the cerebral cortex. It is able to increase motor activity, and mental and physical performance. Caffeine in the right doses can relieve fatigue and drowsiness. But its overdose can contribute to the depletion of nerve cells.

The Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health: Top 7 Useful Properties

The effect of caffeine is largely individual and depends on the type of higher nervous activity of a person. You need to know that caffeine leads to a weakening of sleeping pills and narcotic drugs.

Caffeine is not considered a drug. Coffee can indeed be physically addictive. Many people experience headaches, irritability, lethargy, and even nausea when they stop drinking coffee.

Scientists believe that it is useful for a person to receive every day the amount of caffeine that is contained in 2 cups of coffee.

Top 7 Useful Properties Of Coffee

The Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health: Top 7 Useful Properties

It turned out that drinking coffee is not only pleasant but also useful: various studies have shown that coffee has a positive effect on our health. However, excessive consumption of this drink can negate all its benefits. To extract all the beneficial properties of coffee without consequences, you need to know exactly how it affects our body.

  1. The healing (useful) properties of coffee were known to Aristotle and Avicenna. Each grain of coffee contains many different vitamins and minerals. The main ones are iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and sulfur. In addition, there are more than 30 organic acids in coffee.
  2. Natural coffee is able to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system. It increases the amount of good cholesterol in human blood.
  3. Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health found that coffee prevents gallstones.
  4. It has been proven that coffee contains serotonin, which is commonly called the “hormone of happiness.” It can help get rid of depression and uplift your mood. The risk of depression is very effectively reduced by drinking 2 cups of coffee a day.
  5. One cup of coffee a day can significantly prolong the sexual activity of women over the age of 50. In small amounts, coffee can improve spermatogenesis and potency in men.
  6. Coffee improves the blood supply to the brain while increasing brain activity. Caffeine can increase the productivity of the human brain by almost 10%. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach has the opposite effect.
  7. According to scientists from India, coffee can protect a person from radiation. However, European doctors have not yet confirmed this point of view.
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