5 Ways To Build A Sense Of Community Around Your Bar Or Brewery

The comforts of the community are found in any niche, from crystals to video games. Industries may live and die by their communities, especially when they’re as competitive as beer. Breweries need to effectively communicate, collaborate, and engage with their audience to truly stand out.

How To Build A Community Through Your Craft Beer

Fortunately for craft brewers, volume sales grew 8% in 2021, and it’s likely the overall market will continue to increase in 2022. To join in on the wave of success, you must build a community.

5 Ways To Build A Sense Of Community Around Your Bar Or Brewery

1. Go To Beer Festivals

Breweries that pop up in larger communities should visit beer festivals, either as a participant or as locals. Many breweries get their start with work-of-mouth advertising by giving festival goers an elevator pitch, business card, or merch. Sooner or later, they’ll be able to get their own booth.

At your booth, you can give out free samples and talk about your product. If you’re friendly, kind, and approachable, festivalgoers will be really interested in your brewery and beer choices. If your community is too small to hold a frequent beer festival, ask local bars to sell your products. 

2. Start A Mug Club

Mug clubs are the perfect way to show appreciation for customer loyalty and grow a community around your brewery. Your typical mug club will offer exclusive memberships that include special discounts and other benefits, like access to limited seasonal brews or exclusive tastings. 

All great mug clubs start with an incredible-looking mug and swag, but you’re going to need more than that to keep your community interested. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, this guide on how to offer mug club memberships can help your bar get started. 

3. Bring The Taco Trucks

A lack of food options is one common complaint local breweries face, and it makes sense to a degree. Most beer drinkers prefer to pair their brews with some grub, which isn’t found at a tap house. To increase your local presence, partner with a few food trucks or a food truck company.

5 Ways To Build A Sense Of Community Around Your Bar Or Brewery

Food trucks and breweries go hand in hand because they’re casual and encourage you to speak with your seat neighbor (you need to get up to order from the food truck). Plus, breweries get to know other small business owners (food truck owners) and support their efforts financially. 

4. Partner With Charities

Partnerships allow you to bring something to your space that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own, like our food truck example. To create a sense of community, you have to care about it, so be sure to demonstrate your commitment by donating your time or money to a local charity.

Try to pick a charity you personally care about and advocate for in your brand’s advertisements and content. For example, if your brewery routinely champions racial equality, you could donate a portion of your total profits to Black Girls Code or the Minority Rights Group International.

5. Plan For Local Events

Bars, breweries, and restaurants often hold trivia contests, karaoke nights, run clubs, or yoga classes to build a community. However, the type of event you throw will be dependent on your audience. On the other hand, you could reach a new demographic with the right social event.

Timing is vital when planning an event. For example, no one will want to go to your beer yoga class on Tuesday afternoon or a concert on Monday night. Space may also play a factor if your brewery is small, but you can always partner with another business that does have the space.

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