Coronavirus Is Changing Online Dating Permanently

If you have been on this planet for a while, you are aware that online dating is not a new phenomenon. However, the global health pandemic that hit the world last year changed human life completely.

Some human aspects were negatively affected, while others became better. Online dating is one of the human activities that saw a renaissance during the pandemic. So, is the coronavirus pandemic changing online dating? Read to find out more.

Online Dating Renaissance

Coronavirus Is Changing Online Dating Permanently

If you thought the global pandemic had stifled the online dating world, you thought wrong.
Some online dating operators have revealed that their platforms have recorded increased

Before the pandemic, people used to go to work every day. This made it easy for them to
meet people at work or on weekends. When the pandemic hit the world hard, almost
every country was on lockdown.

In this regard, social activities such as dating became stifled because of social distancing
requirements. This could explain why online dating sites have gotten more users. People
also have a lot more time in their hands as they spend more time in their homes. This has
made more people using online dating sites.

Before the pandemic, some of the world’s most popular dating apps were registering a
decline in downloads. But the COVID-19 pandemic changed that. Reports from the top
dating apps suggest that the numbers started rising after the pandemic.

How Lockdowns Changed the Dynamics of Online Dating

Coronavirus Is Changing Online Dating Permanently

The people also changed how they used online dating sites. Initially, most people used the
dating apps to find a suitable mate
then continue the rest of the dating offline.

But, with the restrictions that came with the coronavirus, it became increasingly difficult to
have follow-up face-to-face dating. This scenario pushed singles to continue “getting to
know each other” online.

Studies have revealed that singles in the US opted for video dating options. Dating site
operators stated that more users used video chatting to know each other better. Some
users claim that they used video chatting to have deeper conversations.

This new trend brought a new dynamic to online dating. For instance, people who initially
didn’t want to video date with possible matches changed their minds.

A survey conducted on online dating users revealed that they would keep using video
chats. They finally appreciated how it could be a powerful tool to use as you get to know
someone. Others claimed that they were able to feel some chemistry when using video

Coronavirus Is Changing Online Dating Permanently

The bottom line is, the lockdowns have helped people appreciate how much they can use
video chat. While initially, people shied away from video chats, the lockdown has opened
people’s eyes to how powerful video dating is.

It Has Taken Money and Sex off the Table

The fact that you could meet your potential match effectively removed money and sex
from the equation. As a result, fewer instances of ladies were pressured to share or show
their bodies to men they didn’t know well. Online dating became more meaningful where
people actually took their time to know each other without being materialistic.

Coronavirus Is Changing Online Dating Permanently

One female who dated online during this period claimed that she felt more protected and
had less stress. Moreover, the awkward issue of who’s going to pay for coffee wasn’t

Many people using the top dating sites loved the fact that online dating had become
slower. This allowed time for those involved to know each other better before taking
things to the next level.

Online dating provides the opportunity to be more selective with who they talk to and eventually meet in person. However, it is important to note that not all online dating platforms are the same. there can be a wide range of prices depending on the features and services offered. Some online dating platforms may offer free basic memberships, allowing users to create a profile and browse through other profiles, but may require a subscription fee for additional features such as messaging or advanced search filters. To make sure you make an informed decision, make sure to do research and check the pricing of Match vs. eHarmony and get acquainted with the site’s prices before you sign up and use it.

Every Date Has Become Precious

Behavioural scientists argue that people have changed how they approach online dating. In the past, especially in countries doing the most online dating, people would continually
move from one person to another.

However, after the social restrictions came in, online daters started spending more time
getting to know each other better in the virtual dating world before meeting. This made
their in-person meeting have more weight.

The experts argue that the pandemic made every date very precious. Statistics have
shown many people have entered into relationships. The pandemic has broken the habit
of moving from one relationship to the next. People have become more appreciative of
serious relationships.

Coronavirus Is Changing Online Dating Permanently

The Future of Online Dating

So, what is the future of online dating? What happens when normalcy finally returns?
Well, like in all the other industries, online dating will probably keep growing.

People that have tasted the benefits of online dating will encourage others to use it as a
tool to meet their partners. Moreover, video dating will dominate online dating platforms.

Online dating operators that don’t have video chat functionality on their platform will have
to include it. Many online daters have discovered that you can use video chats effectively
to get to know the other person better.

So, even if normalcy returns, online dating will keep growing. However, the users will treat
each other better, and the online dating community will be kinder to each other.

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