COVID-19 Has Contributed To London Residents’ Purchasing Decisions To Move Away From The Capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of people’s lives. In the workplace, schools, and homes, there have been significant changes in everyday life since it began.

One of the most significant changes is how it has impacted our lifestyle and made us think about the future. For example, due to the pandemic, people could have lost their ones resulting in them obtaining unoccupied property probate insurance.

But that’s not all! It would appear that even more people have now been considering leaving London for a while, which may not come as a surprise since the average London house price rose by 5.2% in the year to May 2021.

An infographic from LawSure Insurance has revealed some of the specific factors that have influenced Londoners to seek a move away from the capital and what they perceive to be the most crucial factors that can comprise their dream home.

Garden Access

COVID-19 Has Contributed To London Residents’ Purchasing Decisions To Move Away From The Capital

Due to the pandemic, various lockdown restrictions had confined people to their own homes as they were unable to go out and participate in activities. The lockdown periods emphasised the important need to get regular exercise and fresh air, so it was absolutely crucial that people had access to a large garden to relax and unwind!

From homes purchased in 2020, 63% declared access to a large garden was the biggest priority on their moving wishlist, and 19% of Londoners stated that this was their biggest priority.

Spacious And Comfortable Home Sizes

18% of Londoners stated that seeking a home with a bigger floor plan and more access to space was their biggest priority. This would have been escalated even further as a result of the pandemic due to various lockdowns inflicting families to having to stay in their homes and find ways to keep themselves occupied.

Private Parking Space

COVID-19 Has Contributed To London Residents’ Purchasing Decisions To Move Away From The Capital

Londoners can reduce their insurance costs from theft by migrating to a private garage. The hassle of finding a good car parking space in London can be extremely tough to find, particularly with how extortionate some hourly parking fees can be.

Access to your own private car parking space can alleviate some of that stress and concern. Out of all the homebuyers in 2020, 36% of people declared that access to a private car parking space was the most important factor.

Work From The Comfort Of Your Homes

The idea of the home office is becoming more and more prevalent. 36% of homebuyers are moving so they can create their own space, 12% from London alone! The initial weeks of lockdown saw creative home set-ups to accommodate the seemingly temporary, working from the home period. From kitchen tables and ironing boards, we adapted quickly – now what?

A comfy chair with plenty of space for 8 hours a day would be ideal! The need for an office has grown because people do not want their family life invaded during work hours anymore.

Outdoor Living

COVID-19 Has Contributed To London Residents’ Purchasing Decisions To Move Away From The Capital

With global travel still not 100% safe – depending on which country someone intends to visit- people are still having to find ways to entertain themselves as part of a UK ‘staycation’. Some great outdoor places where people want to visit include beaches and nature parks, especially during the Summer when the weather is great. Londoners looking to buy outside of the city are finding that space for outdoor living is at a premium.

14% cited this as their main reason, with 31 % of total home buyers also admitting they were factoring access to outdoor living as their main priority for wanting to move away from the capital.

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