Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

DukesHill, a Royal Warrant holder and a distinguished artisan food producer, invites you to elevate your Christmas celebration with their exquisite range of festive offerings.

Since its establishment in 1985 amidst the picturesque Shropshire countryside, DukesHill has been dedicated to crafting premium-quality hams using time-honoured traditional methods. Over the years, they have expanded their repertoire, championing artisan producers renowned for their unique and traditional culinary techniques that result in exceptional food and flavours.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

Uncompromising Commitment to Excellence

DukesHill’s unwavering commitment to sourcing and creating the finest British produce, with a keen focus on animal welfare, is at the heart of their Christmas collection. In 2023, they present a range of exceptional festive highlights that promise to make your Christmas celebration truly special.

As proud Royal Warrant holders, DukesHill showcases their expertise in curing the finest hams with the Cranberry Glazed Ham. Utilizing their traditional Wiltshire Cure, these hams undergo a maturation process in DukesHill’s signature brine, enhanced with a touch of unrefined brown sugar to infuse a subtle sweetness. Following this, the hams are air-dried for an additional week and hand-stuffed with delectable pork & cranberry stuffing.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

Steam-cooked for 12 hours, the hams achieve a buttery texture, rendering them irresistibly delicious. After cooking, they are expertly coated in a cranberry glaze and finished in glazing ovens, resulting in moist, mildly flavoured hams with a hint of cranberry. This special festive ham is sure to steal the limelight as the centrepiece of your Christmas table.

For those who prefer a traditional Christmas feast, DukesHill offers their free-range bronze turkeys, a timeless choice that guarantees outstanding taste. Raised exclusively for DukesHill in Kent by seasoned third-generation farmers with four decades of experience in turkey rearing, these birds enjoy free-range living in lush paddocks and meadows, feasting on a natural cereal-based diet.

Handmade with devotion for over three decades by the DukesHill team, their Christmas Pudding distinguishes itself by using butter instead of suet, resulting in a cleaner palate. This sumptuous pudding combines the rich flavours of the finest French Brandy, succulent vine fruits, cherries, fresh free-range eggs, carrot, mixed spice, and candied orange, delivering a moist and delightful dessert. The secret family recipe, passed down through generations, ensures an exceptional Christmas treat.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

Crafted in response to customer requests and infused with classic Christmas flavours, DukesHill’s handmade all-butter pastry St Clements Mince Pies are brimming with mincemeat soaked in a rich, warming brandy. The delicate citrus touch from extra St. Clements orange and lemon peel adds a perfect balance to these delectable pies.

Enhancing the Festive Spread with Condiments

DukesHill’s selection of condiments adds the perfect finishing touch to your festive feast. Crafted by an artisan food producer in the Yorkshire Dales, these condiments boast a commitment to natural ingredients and traditional methods.

Boxing Day Chutney is a handmade dark, rich, and fruity chutney featuring cranberries, English Bramley apples, ale, and a special blend of 11 Christmas spices. Ideal for complementing leftover ham or turkey and is an essential addition to any cheese board.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

Handmade Proper Piccalilli combines crunchy cucumber, cauliflower, courgette, red and green peppers, Lincolnshire onions, and juicy tomatoes with a sweet, tangy mustard sauce. It pairs harmoniously with DukesHill’s cured hams or cheese.

A delightful fusion of cranberries and port with a hint of citrus fruit, Cranberry Sauce with Port is the perfect accompaniment for turkey, roast goose, or baked ham.

Indulge your senses by serving a dollop of creamy, warming brandy butter atop DukesHill’s Christmas Pudding or a St Clement’s Mince Pie.

Discover DukesHill’s Luxury Hampers

DukesHill is renowned for its artisan luxury hampers, including the opulent Truly Magnificent Hamper, priced at £895. This hamper, consisting of 39 exceptional items spread across two 20” wicker hampers, promises an unrivalled Christmas experience.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

The Truly Magnificent Hamper lives up to its name with a splendid array of 39 individual items. It features a boneless Large St George’s Ham, expertly cured and baked with a spiced orange, cinnamon, mace, and clove glaze. The hamper also includes oak-smoked salmon, artisan cheeses, chutneys, crackers, sables, duck liver pâté with Cointreau, Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, Christmas Pudding, and a selection of artisan mince pies in St Clements, Classic, and Almond-topped flavours. Accompanying these delights are Peaches in Brandy, Scottish Shortbread, Turkish Delight, and an assortment of fine wines and champagne, ensuring a gourmet journey like no other.

DukesHill offers an array of meticulously curated hampers designed to elevate your festive season. Among them, “It’s A Wonderful Life” stands out as a celebration of the finest offerings from DukesHill. Enclosed within a 20” wicker hamper with elegant leather straps, this hamper boasts a selection of 14 exceptional items. It features DukesHill’s renowned boneless Wiltshire Ham, celebrated for its legendary taste, and their signature traditional Oak Smoked Salmon. The savoury delights continue with Isle of Mull Cheddar, Cote Hill Blue Cheese, Boxing Day Chutney, Scottish Oatcakes, Parmesan & Pistachio Sables, and DukesHill’s exclusive Pork Rillettes, a delicacy crafted by slow-cooking pork belly with a blend of peppers, spices, and Espelette pepper.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

Sweet indulgences await with a Family Christmas Pudding, Classic Mince Pies, handmade Scottish Shortbread, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb, and Grandad’s Light Fruit Cake Loaf. These delightful treats are complemented by a bottle of Tanners creamy and biscuity Cava Brut, perfect for toasting the season.

For those seeking a more affordable option, the “Bah! Humbug” hamper, priced at £95, offers 12 exquisite items presented in a 14” wicker hamper with leather straps. This hamper includes the Honey Baked Baby Ham, cured by DukesHill’s own experts, along with Sliced Oak Smoked Salmon and exclusive Pork Rillettes, crafted through slow-cooking pork belly with peppers, spices, and Espelette pepper. Barbers Black Waxed Cheddar pairs wonderfully with Fig Chutney, while a jar of Cocktail Nuts adds a delightful crunch. The hamper also includes DukesHill’s moist and rich Christmas Pudding, a mini classic Panettone, handmade Scottish shortbread from Loch Lomond, Milk Chocolate Crunchy Biscuit and caramelised Pecan Mendiants, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb, and a festive Gingerbread Blonde Chocolate bar.

Chocolate enthusiasts will be enchanted by the “The Chocolatier’s Collection Hamper,” also priced at £95. This 7-item collection is beautifully presented within a 14” Wicker Basket with Leather Straps. It features an ingenious hot chocolate shaker for velvety smooth hot chocolate indulgence at home. The hamper also includes three bags of artisan chocolate: milk chocolate drops, indulgent dark chocolate orange flakes, and delicious blonde chocolate flakes. A box of 16 beautifully hand-decorated special Christmas truffles, created by artisan chocolatiers, adds a touch of luxury. To complete the chocolate experience, two bars of luxury-tasting chocolate are included in the most delectable flavours: Pistachio and cranberry Chocolate and Marmalade Dark Chocolate.

Indulge in a Memorable Festive Feast with DukesHill’s Christmas Collection

For those seeking an affordable yet delightful option, the “Deck The Halls Hamper” is priced at £60. Encased in a 14” wicker basket with leather straps, this hamper offers a DukesHill artisan tasting experience. It features carefully selected handmade and British-produced products, including a delicious Fig Chutney, Parmesan & Pistachio Sablés, Classic Panettone, melt-in-the-mouth Scottish Shortbread handmade in Loch Lomond, a festive tasting Gingerbread Blonde Chocolate Bar, DukesHill’s family recipe Christmas Pudding, and a 75cl bottle of biscuit and creamy cava Brut from Tanners.

With these meticulously crafted hampers, DukesHill ensures that every element of your festive celebration is infused with exceptional taste and quality, making your Christmas truly memorable.

In conclusion, DukesHill’s Christmas Collection is a testament to their dedication to culinary excellence. Whether you choose their exceptional hams, festive condiments, or luxurious hampers, you can be sure that every product bears the hallmark of quality and tradition that defines DukesHill. This Christmas, make it an occasion to remember with DukesHill’s exquisite offerings.

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