5 Things You Must Remember When You Experience A Setback In Life

Everybody will experience challenges in life. The problem when we experience a setback in life is it stops us from ever going in that direction again. Challenges are part of life, but it’s how we react to them that will determine the outcome. Whether it’s a car accident or a relationship issue with family, here are a few things that can help you to unblock those obstacles. 

You Have The Power To Address It, Nobody Else

5 Things You Must Remember When You Experience A Setback In Life

One of the biggest issues in life is that we blame others and we do it to such an extent that we may not think that we are at fault, ever. A good example in the modern world is people who cause car accidents because they are on their phones. They think that because other people are doing it, it’s acceptable, so they carry on regardless, but consult any car accident lawyer, and they will tell you that this is one of the biggest causes of accidents. 

If you blame others, you are not getting to the root cause of unblocking these obstacles. When we apply for a job and we don’t get it, rather than thinking that we’re not built for that job, we’ve got to go back to the drawing board and refine and revise until we get it right. 

Focus On The Things You Can Control

We find it easier to blame other things because it either absolves us of our errors or it stops us from addressing our inherent mistakes. When we hit setbacks in life, there may be things that are beyond our means, and the best thing that we can do is focus on the things that we can fix, no matter how small they are. 

When somebody is let go from a job because the company is making big cutbacks, instead of taking it personally and thinking you are the reason that you were let go, you are better off reminding yourself that things will get better if you keep moving forward, all by focusing on the things you can control. 

5 Things You Must Remember When You Experience A Setback In Life

A lot of the time we make grand assumptions based on the bigger picture. Big-picture thinking is incredibly beneficial, but not when we experience setbacks. The bigger picture can be a massive mountain, which is why starting to break down tasks into smaller and more manageable pieces makes the journey back to the top easier, but it also allows you to appreciate every single accomplishment you have made along the way. Every journey begins with a small step. 

Show Up, No Matter How Hard It Is

When we experience a setback in life, instinct tells us to dwell. Everybody will experience hard times in their life, and as tough as it is to not wallow, you can show up and help others to add value to their lives, because this will help you focus on what’s in front of you, rather than behind you. 

Things occur and they have a detrimental impact on our lives, but we cannot change the past. Whatever has happened has happened. When you accept that it’s done, you can focus on the now and what is ahead. When we measure ourselves against our past mistakes, we’re not allowing ourselves the opportunity to move on. 

There will be people in your life who like nothing more than to judge you based on what you were, like family members who have not come to terms with the fact that you’ve changed can be difficult to bear. And when you think that you’ve got to lay down and accept that what you were is who you are, this is where your self-doubt will snowball. The future is where your potential lies, and it always will be. 

5 Things You Must Remember When You Experience A Setback In Life

Being Vulnerable Is Okay

So many people still believe vulnerability is a form of weakness. When we dare to show up, this is vulnerability. When you choose to get back on the horse and do something again, this is vulnerability at its most potent. The toughest thing we experience in life is the temptation to wallow. 

Failures are inevitable, and we must believe that in order to achieve the things we want, failure has to be a part of life. Many people live in a world where there is a fear of failure. It seems the vast majority of the western world does not allow failure to occur at all, which is a very foolish way to be. We will always be blocked by obstacles, and the toughest thing is thinking that because we hit a stumbling block we’re supposed to stay there. 

There will be people around you that think you should not do something because you hit a stumbling block. Some people believe that as soon as they have a car accident, it is a sign that they should never have bought a car in the first place. Vulnerability is that sense of courage that will hold up the middle finger to everybody that doubted your abilities up to this point.

We’ve got to remember those people who think we cannot do anything are crippled by the idea of failure and that they never do what they want in the first place. If you are hitting an obstacle, it just means you are going in the right direction to get what you want.

Learn And Give Yourself Time

5 Things You Must Remember When You Experience A Setback In Life

When we hit an obstacle, we either give in to it or embrace failure as a teacher. Learning from what the setback has taught us is going to be the best way that we get to what we want. Thomas Edison couldn’t read or speak at the age of 7, Einstein was, as he put it, no more gifted than the average human being, and it’s exactly the same for you. 

You will always experience setbacks in life, and the person that thinks that in order to benefit from life needs to have a clear path is incredibly naive. In order to bounce back from any setback in life, you’ve got to prepare your mind. Some of these approaches may ring true, but others may help you to head in the direction that you deserve.

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