Fun Ways To Relax And Make The Most Of Your Weekend Break

If you’re planning a relaxing weekend away from your household chores, work, and responsibilities, you need to prepare yourself for the trip ahead, take a look at My Hotel Break to find the perfect getaway.

That feeling of excitement you get when you prepare to take a break is a feeling you want to cling to! Having said that, there’s nothing worse than returning home only to find your house is a mess and your usual chores are still waiting to get finished. During my weekend getaways, I have learned to properly prepare myself for what lies ahead and I am going to share some of the wisdom that I learned through trial and error.

Knowing what to expect will help you extend that vacation feeling that much longer!

Handle Your Laundry

Fun Ways To Relax And Make The Most Of Your Weekend Break

Before you take some time off to relax, make sure you take care of all of the laundries that have piled up. No one wants to come home to a laundry hamper filled with unwashed smelly clothes! It is hardly a glamorous job, but getting it done before your weekend getaway will give you one less thing to worry about.

As a bonus tip, consider laundering the clothes you wear while you’re away. This may seem counterintuitive, but it actually helps you when you don’t have to unload a suitcase filled with dirty laundry.

Freshen Your Bedroom

Fun Ways To Relax And Make The Most Of Your Weekend Break

You can extend those relaxing holiday vibes by freshening up the linens in your bedroom. Nothing feels more hotel-like the snuggling underneath your covers and feeling the crisp freshly laundered linens! This can help you extend your break away from chores just a little longer.

Grab Those Hotel Toiletries!

Give yourself a hotel feeling at home by bringing home any toiletries you received during your stay. It will remind you of the fun time you had during your getaway, but most importantly, you can plan for a relaxing bath with the high-end products you didn’t end up using at your accommodations.

Bring In The Aromatherapy

Fun Ways To Relax And Make The Most Of Your Weekend Break

Nice hotels often have their own luxury scents. It can be from a number of different sources such as scented plug-ins, room sprays, or fancy candles. Whatever the scent is, if you find it appealing, ask the hotel staff to take some home with you! That way, you can use the same scent at home to extend that vacation feeling you get when checking into a hotel. This scent will forever get engraved in your memories as one of pure fun and relaxation!

Beat That Grocery List

Shopping is fun when it’s for clothes and souvenirs, but before you go away for the weekend, make sure you leave your fridge and pantry fully stocked. As you’ll only have the weekend off, make sure you don’t come home to a grocery list that you still have to purchase. Plus, plan for the dinner you will need to prepare upon your return, so leaving some prepped food can lessen the stress and anxiety associated with returning.

Fun Ways To Relax And Make The Most Of Your Weekend Break

Give Yourself Another Break!

One of the easiest ways to make your busy work schedule seem manageable is to simply book yourself another break for the future. It may seem cheeky as you’ve just returned, but everything is easier to manage when you give yourself something to look forward to.