Geode: Unveiling a Mesmerising Culinary Odyssey in Knightsbridge

Nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, a captivating journey awaits at Geode, an extraordinary dining destination set to make its grand debut on the illustrious Beauchamp Place on Thursday, 14th September 2023.

This beguiling establishment draws its name from the enchanting crystal it’s named after, promising a dining experience like no other, where guests are transported from the cerulean skies of the Amalfi Coast to the bustling streets of Asia’s vibrant cities. With opulent interiors, an enchanting ambience, and a menu that reflects the fusion of Mediterranean and Asian influences, Geode is poised to redefine culinary excellence.

Geode: Unveiling a Mesmerising Culinary Odyssey in Knightsbridge

A Culinary Adventure Like No Other

Geode presents an unrivalled dining encounter that seamlessly combines opulent theatricality with a menu inspired by the rich culinary tapestry of the Mediterranean and Asia. The venue sprawls across three floors of a Georgian townhouse, covering an impressive 7,000 square feet. From the moment guests step through the ornate copper door, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of luxury and grandeur.

The journey commences at the entrance, where an exquisite cocktail bar beckons. Adorned with a geode-inspired design featuring vibrant stones set against a bronze backdrop, the bar sets the tone for the lavish experience that awaits. The bar tantalises the senses, offering a curated selection of handcrafted cocktails that encapsulate both Mediterranean and Asian influences, ensuring a fusion of flavours that pique the palate.

The Culinary Stage: A Feast for the Senses

As guests ascend to the split-level mezzanine, a captivating conservatory comes into view. This elegant space houses an open-plan kitchen, where culinary artistry takes centre stage. Here, the skilled chefs perfect dishes on the robata grill, infusing them with smoky nuances and delightful char. The exposed kitchen, with its sleek all-black design, offers a striking contrast against the pristine white attire of the chefs and the dancing flames of the grill.

Geode: Unveiling a Mesmerising Culinary Odyssey in Knightsbridge

The menu, meticulously crafted by Executive Head Chef Francesco Scala and Japanese Chef Yuka Aoyama, showcases an array of tantalising dishes that celebrate the harmonious marriage of Mediterranean and Asian culinary traditions. From Mediterranean-inspired delights like beef tartare on roasted bone marrow to the Asian-infused King Crab gunkan and Tai miso seabream from the Robata section, every dish is a masterpiece that tells a unique story of flavour.

The Transition: From Dining to Vibing

As the evening unfolds, Geode transforms seamlessly from a dining haven to a vibrant hub of music and energy. The conservatory undergoes a mesmerising metamorphosis as the lights dim and the music crescendos. While the upper restaurant continues to offer an intimate dining experience, the lower bar and lounge area ignites with live music and DJ performances, creating an electric atmosphere for those seeking late-night culinary pleasures.

Geode: Unveiling a Mesmerising Culinary Odyssey in Knightsbridge

Geode’s bar offers an expansive cocktail menu that showcases the perfect marriage of Asian and Mediterranean influences. From classics meticulously stirred to signature creations that push boundaries, the cocktails are a testament to the creativity of the mixologists. Indulge in delights like the Ruby Negroni, a symphony of Strawberry-infused Banhez Mezcal, Saffron Vermouth, and Italian Bitter, or the Amber Old Fashioned, a blend of Whistlepig Piggyback Rye, fresh Orange, and Oak & Tobacco Bitters.

A Design Fusion: Where Elegance Meets Innovation

Designed by Studio Sagrada and Neha Beriwala, Geode’s interiors are a masterful blend of opulence and modernity. High-quality materials combine with moody lighting to create an ambience that exudes sophistication. From the captivating jagged hole on the backlit wall, offering a glimpse into the conservatory, to the dynamic burst of colours that contrast against the raw interiors, every detail is meticulously curated.

As guests explore the space, they encounter a captivating interplay of colours that pay homage to the Mediterranean and its surroundings. The loose furniture, drenched in vibrant hues of coral and terracotta, evokes the spirit of Mediterranean roof tiles and burnt earth. Shades of lavender and blues on the second-floor mezzanine harken to twilight over the Mediterranean Sea and the lavender fields of Provence. Finally, the dining room envelops guests in shades of olive-inspired green, reminiscent of the serene landscapes of the South of France.

Geode: Unveiling a Mesmerising Culinary Odyssey in Knightsbridge

Led by Salvatore Broccu and Marios Louvaris, veterans from the esteemed Novikov Group, Geode emerges as a dining concept that marries old-school glamour with contemporary vibrancy. Drawing on their extensive experience, Broccu and Louvaris assemble a team of unrivalled talent, dedicated to delivering an unforgettable dining and entertainment journey.


In the heart of Knightsbridge, Geode comes alive as a symphony for the senses. A theatre of contrasts, where opulence meets innovation, Mediterranean melodies intertwine with Asian beats and culinary artistry merges with vibrant nightlife. Each guest embarks on an odyssey where exceptional cocktails, captivating music, and a high-spirited ambience converge to create an experience that transcends mere dining. As the lights dim and the conservatory transforms, Geode stands as a testament to the art of indulgence, inviting all to partake in its alluring charm.

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