House of Ming London To Open This Spring

St. James’ Court, A Taj Hotel, is set to mesmerize the discerning diners of London this Spring with the highly anticipated arrival of the globally acclaimed House of Ming restaurant.

Renowned for its unbeatable and authentic Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, House of Ming is poised to redefine the gastronomic landscape of the city. Mark your calendars for the grand opening on the 25th of May and reserve your table now to embark on a sophisticated and contemporary dining experience.

A Captivating Ambience Reflecting the Majesty of the Ming Dynasty

Step into a realm of elegance and chic sophistication as the House of Ming enthrals you with an ambience reminiscent of the famous Ming Dynasty. The award-winning Atelier Wren has meticulously crafted an interior that seamlessly incorporates elements of traditional Chinese design.

House of Ming London To Open This Spring

Prepare to be enveloped in a rich and intimate dining space, meticulously curated with bespoke craftsmanship and artistry. The 56-seater restaurant exudes an air of exclusivity, with a stunning blend of green hues and lush red lacquer, accentuated by antique brass and handcrafted furniture.

The ceilings, adorned with hand-painted canvas by Lara Fiorentino, feature breathtaking designs inspired by Chinese silk screen paintings from the Ming dynasty, depicting serene landscapes of pine trees, mountains, and ginkgo leaves.

Adding to the allure, large embroidered silk panels by the acclaimed artist Jacky Puzey showcase intricate depictions of pine and ginkgo leaves, with plum blossom appliqués that strike a delicate balance between decorative motifs and the dramatic pine shapes.

A Haven for Romance: Love Blossoms at House of Ming

Prepare to be swept off your feet by one of London’s most romantic dining experiences at House of Ming. Nestled within the restaurant, you’ll discover two sets of bespoke love seats, arranged around a private table and adorned with their own curtains, ensuring a uniquely intimate dining experience.

Underneath the opulent brass “twisted gingko” pendant light, the golden seats, trimmed in luxurious Opium fabric, exude an air of elegance. To add a touch of magic, a discreet brass button is cleverly placed to summon the kitchen and create a delightful surprise.

Indulge in a romantic rendezvous unlike any other, where love flourishes amidst the captivating atmosphere of the House of Ming. Share moments that will forever be etched in your hearts, accompanied by exquisite cuisine and unparalleled service.

A Stellar Team of Culinary Experts

Under the guidance of an exceptional team, House of Ming promises to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Led by Food & Beverage Manager Asif Bajwa, renowned Executive Chef Sujoy Gupta, and the talented Head Chef Dickson Leung, hailing from Hong Kong, this culinary powerhouse brings a wealth of expertise acquired from their tenure at some of the finest restaurants in China and London.

House of Ming London To Open This Spring

The menu at House of Ming is a testament to their culinary prowess, presenting a harmonious blend of celebrated authentic flavours from various provinces of China. With an array of shareable dishes that tantalize the taste buds with a perfect balance of hot, sweet, and sour notes, as well as an irresistible selection of meat, seafood, and vegetarian Dim Sum options, House of Ming ensures every palate is delighted.

A Gastronomic Journey of Flavors

Drawing inspiration from the renowned House of Ming restaurant in New Delhi, the menu at the London establishment showcases culinary additions tailored specifically for the discerning diners of the city. Delve into an extensive Dim Sum section, featuring delightful creations such as prawn truffle siu mai, crispy tarotaro and oyster dumplings, fresh bamboo rolls, seafood and golden mushroom, and classic favourites like char siu bao and sticky rice.

Indulge in a symphony of flavours with small plates that include the enticing salt & pepper water chestnut, lotus stem with honey and chilli, stuffed crab claws, crispy fried fish with chilli and oyster sauce, and the tantalizing BBQ lamb with cumin and chilli.

For those seeking a truly unforgettable dining experience, the larger plates offer a mouthwatering selection, including stir-fried lobster, succulent king prawns with XO sauce, and the show-stopping signature dish, Flaming Duck. Prepare to be dazzled as a traditional gong announces each order, while the duck is flamboyantly flamed right at your table, adding a touch of theatricality to your culinary adventure.

House of Ming London To Open This Spring

A Beverage Selection Crafted to Perfection

At House of Ming, the excellence extends beyond the realm of cuisine. The meticulously curated beverage menu boasts an exceptional selection from around the world. Immerse yourself in the art of tea with a wide variety of Chinese white tea, green tea, black tea, and oolong tea, expertly curated by House of Ming’s dedicated Tea Sommelier.

Delight in the unparalleled tea experience presented by a unique tea trolley, ensuring every sip is infused with elegance and tradition. To further tantalize your taste buds, indulge in the carefully crafted cocktail menu, inspired by Asian flavours. Experience the exquisite House of Zhu, a vodka cocktail infused with clarified oolong tea and grapefruit bitter, garnished with a delicate pink blossom and served in a traditional Chinese teapot.

Complementing the impressive tea and cocktail selection, the wine list at House of Ming showcases the finest wines from around the globe, with a particular focus on small producers and emerging vineyards, offering a range of excellent Chinese Chateau Wines.

A Private Dining Experience Fit for Royalty

For those seeking an extraordinary culinary journey, House of Ming presents an imperial dining option known as the Chef’s Choice. This exclusive seventeen-course menu is expertly designed to be savoured in the private dining room, ensuring an unparalleled gastronomic affair.

House of Ming London To Open This Spring

Indulge in the opulence of carefully curated dishes, crafted with the utmost attention to detail and flavour harmony. Allow the expert chefs to guide you through a remarkable culinary voyage, where every course leaves you craving for more, and each bite tells a story of culinary mastery.

Unveiling House of Ming: A Culinary Haven

House of Ming at St. James’ Court, A Taj Hotel, is set to captivate the hearts and palates of London’s discerning food enthusiasts. From its breathtaking interior that echoes the grandeur of the Ming Dynasty to the exquisite Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine that promises an unforgettable dining experience, the House of Ming is a culinary haven where artistry and gastronomy converge.

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